Orient X Subaru BRZ GT300 2012 Limited Edition – TT0Y008D

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle the Orient X Subaru BRZ GT300 2012 limited edition quartz chronograph. This is a commemorative watch for Orient’s sponsorship of the SUBARU BRZ GT300, STI’s entry in Japan’s SUPER GT series.

This watch is limited to 1000 pieces. Here are some pictures.

Orient TT0Y008D featured in this post is provided by:

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

15 thoughts on “Orient X Subaru BRZ GT300 2012 Limited Edition – TT0Y008D

  1. Nice dial on this one,
    Its a good thing Orient always comes with new and different looking watches. This one is not for me but with the amount of models there is always a few I would like to own


  2. Nice pics! This is a great looking watch. But unfortunately it’s a Quartz and it’s quite impossible to get here in Singapore. By the way, did you have a chance to look at another racing inspired limited edition, the Orient Rally Marcus Gronholm CDB04001D?


  3. Great watch. i am the proud owner of NO. 974/1000 of this line of timepieces. i actually didnt knew about it until i saw it in the local watch store. bought it at once. now after i saw the blue box here, i realized that they gave me the watch in the wrong box :/ (watch was in the display without box and mixed with other Orient watches). im going to ask the guys at the shop to get me the blue box shown here.. this line of watches can be a collectible so the box is a very important detail 😛


  4. hi, i want to buy this watch orient subaru gt-300, where i can get it? because in orient indonesia this this product not available. thanks for your attention, i’m so appreciate.


  5. Hi!
    I am an owner of № 488/1000. I’ve bought this watch in Ukraine.
    I wear this model practically every day since march 2013. This is amazing watch. I swam with them in Black and Mediterranean seas. I climbed with them at the Taurus Mountains in Turkey.


  6. A few months after owning the watch (number 974/1000), i hit it (hard) against a wall accidentally and the bracelet came off and one of the pins holding the bracelet to the actual timepiece was bent 😦 the watch spent months in repair because the shop had to order a new bracelet for it (apparently it had a very special specification that regular models of this watch didnt have). That was around june 2013 and got it back fully repaired around january 2014. The watch was fine except for the small metal piece that covers the pin that holds the bracelet to the timepiece was a little flimsy. Fixed it myself with a needle nose plier.
    Also when i pull the crown to adjust the hour or date, the dial moves a little bit, but once i push the crown back in, it goes back in place securely.
    I felt so bad to have almost messed up a limited edition watch the way i did and i just stored it in its box and almost never used it. The good news is that, as of April 8, 2016, the watch still works great, its very well kept and i love it in spite of the horror story i lived with it.


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