SBDX011 and 6159-7010

Martin from the Philippines requested me to post a comparison between the SBDX011 and the 6159-7010. This is what he wrote to me:

Read your post on the 6159-7010, lucky guy that you got this watch. Hope you can make a comparison between your two tunas SBDX011 and the 6159. By the way, can you tell me how much you pay for the 6159?(if you don’t mind) I am now saving for the SBDX011 and is also thinking of getting the 6159 instead of SBDX011.

So here they are, the 6159-7010 from 1975 and the SBDX011 from 2009.

From the picture above, it is obvious that the SBDX011 is an all black tuna whereas the 6159 is basically titanium color with a blackened shroud. The dial of the SBDX011 follows closely to that of the 6159 but not exactly the same as you can see.

The SBDX011 is slightly bigger than the 6159. It measures approximately 52mm across (excluding crown) whereas the 6159 measures 50mm across.

Another difference would be the thickness. The SBDX011 is roughly 17mm thick while the 6159 is 15mm. In terms of size, the SBDX011 is probably the biggest tuna around.

The picture above shows the side profiles of the watches. As you can see, the SBDX011 has a signed crown while the 6159 does not.

Notice how the rubber straps attach to the watches. The 6159 has hidden lugs whereas the SBDX011 has a pair of tiny drilled lugs that make it easier to remove the strap.

The pictures below illustrate the difference in the lug design of the two watches.

On the caseback, you will notice that the distance between the strap end is farther on the SBDX011 than the 6159. This is probably because of the protruding lugs and the larger diameter of the watch.

When wearing the 6159, I can feel the strap sitting on the top of my wrist, lifting the watch upwards. I guess this is why most people prefer to wear the watch on a leather strap.

Finally, the SBDX011 uses hex screws while the 6159 uses cross head screws.

5 thoughts on “SBDX011 and 6159-7010

  1. Hi Tom , i finally achieved my goal and put aside enough cash to purchase the sbdx011. I ‘ve read about all i could ever find regarding this piece ,which isn’t alot. Did you ever do a review? Whatever, i do appreciate all the fine work you do!


    • Hi Gregory,

      I did not review this watch on my site. Petew did one on but unfortunately his site is down.

      Something happened to my SBDX011 recently. I accidentally damaged one of the screws while trying to remove the shroud. The hex shape on the screw head was damaged (stripped) and the screw could not be removed. I sent the watch to Seiko Japan but was told I have to replace the entire case which cost JPY160,000. That’s a huge amount and I chose not to proceed.



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