Seiko 4R36 Shrouded Divers aka Seiko Scallop

Thong Sia released a limited edition Seiko Scallop with green dial in June 2017. It is nice that they have introduced a limited edition model, just like what the distributor in Thailand has been doing. Thong Sia’s limited edition Scallop is called the Green Sea Turtle and it is the seventh variant of the Seiko Scallop family. Aside from the SRPA47J that was released in Thailand, the rest of the six variants are sold here in Singapore. The Scallop is a 200m diver that has a steel case shrouded by a ceramic shroud.

My opinion of the Seiko Scallop is that it is a wearable watch if your wrist is big enough. It is about the same size as the Emperor Tuna but unlike the Emperor Tuna, the Scallop does not sit high on the wrist as it has a slightly curved caseback which provides a better fit.

Seiko frequently release limited editions and special editions of their 4R based divers. Limited editions have fixed production quantity and have serial number in “XXXX/YYYY” format where YYYY is the number of pieces produced. Special editions on the other hand are produced for a limited time and the quantity produced is not known to the consumers.

Let’s take a look at the various variants that are currently sold or previously sold in Singapore, starting from the most current release.

Thong Sia Limited Edition

Shown above is Thong Sia’s limited edition, SRPA99K1. This green sea turtle is characterized by its green dial with yellow accent. It has a blue shroud and blue bezel.

This watch is limited to 1881 pieces and is sold in territories covered by Thong Sia Group including Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong and Macau. Retail price in Singapore is SGD981.20. Each piece is individually numbered in “XXXX/1881” format. This watch was released in June 2017.

PADI Special Edition

Next, we have the PADI Scallop, a blue and red themed scallop released to celebrate Seiko’s partnership with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). It is a Special Edition with the standard Seiko serial number format. It is produced in both J and K versions with K version released by the distributor in Singapore in January 2017.

The interesting thing about the PADI Scallop is that Seiko had a spelling error with the word “Edition” on the caseback. It was spelled as “Editoin” instead. This error happened only to one of the batches in the K version. Thong Sia offered to replace the caseback for anyone who brings the watch to their service centre. However, spelling error usually mean it is more collectible and will fetch a higher resale price in the future. Hence, I don’t think any collector out there would go and their caseback changed.

Shown below is a picture of the “Special Editoin” caseback of my PADI Scallop.

The PADI Scallop, SRPA83K has a retail price of SGD981.20 in Singapore.

Regular Edition

Three regular editions were released in January 2017 along with the PADI Special Edition.

SRPA81K – This model black from front to back. It is closest to the SBDX011 in terms of colour.

SRPA82k – This model is mainly black with gold accent on the dial and case. The entire caseback is gold as well.

SRPA79K – This is mainly a stainless steel model with a black shroud. It is so far the only Scallop model that came on a steel bracelet.

Seiko Diver 50th Anniversary Special Edition

These two variants are Special Editions produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Seiko divers in 2015. They are the first Scallop variants released by Seiko. Model numbers are SRP653K and SRP655K respectively. They have been discontinued and are no longer available today.

Their listed price in Singapore back in 2015 was SGD866.70.



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