Seiko 4R35 Cocktail Time – SRPB47J

I bought this Seiko Cocktail Time and thought it would be nice to do a blog post on it and its predecessor, the SARB065.

The Cocktail Time models were first introduced in the Japan domestic market and came with the 6R15 movement. They were offered under the Mechanical line with the most popular model being the SARB065. The 6R Cocktail Time models were however discontinued and new 4R based models were announced during Basel World 2017. These 4R Cocktail Time models have a similar design as their 6R predecessors but are powered by the 4R35 and 4R57 movements. They are no longer JDM models and are sold worldwide under the Presage line.

This particular variant that I bought is the SRPB47J. It is made in Japan and distributed here in Singapore by the official distributor, Thong Sia Co. Interesting, the press release on Seiko’s global website did not include this model.

Here are the eight variants mentioned in the press release. The four models in the top row are based on 4R57 movement and the other four in the bottom row are based on 4R35 movement.

Here’s the stock photo of the SRPB47J.

I chose this particular variant as I prefer the combination of rose gold hands and indices and the off white dial. It is easy to read the time as the colour of the hands and indices stand out better on the textured dial. It also has a nice vintage feel to it.

This watch has a diameter of 40.5mm which is just nice for me. I have installed a light brown leather strap to match the rose gold hands and indices. The lug width of this watch is 20mm.

I observed the following differences when comparing the dial with the SARB065:

  • The “SEIKO” word on the 4R model is bigger.

  • The little 3 O’Clock marker beside the date window is different. The 6R model has a rectangular shaped marker whereas the 4R model mirrors the 9 O’Clock markers with part of it “eaten” by the date window.

  • The 4R model has the word “Presage”.

I already have several Seiko’s with the 4R35 movement. However, the 4R35 movement in this watch comes with a gold rotor which is something different from most 4R based models. This is my first Seiko with a gold rotor.

Below, I show you the caseback of the SRPB47J with gold rotor together with that of another 4R based watch with a standard stainless steel rotor, and lastly, the caseback of the SARB065.

I also notice that the 4R version of Cocktail Time is a slightly thinner watch. In the pictures below, the watch on the right is the 4R version. You can see that the side of the case is thinner on the 4R. I estimate the 4R model is about 0.5mm thinner from front to back.

The crown is obviously different on the 4R and 6R model. Not only they are different in shape, the ‘S’ engraving is also different.

Here is the metal bracelet that came with the watch. It has folded end links which is not an issue to me as I am not a bracelet user.

This is an international Presage model available at all authorized Seiko retailers. My watch came with instruction manual and warranty booklet and card from Thong Sia.


The 6R Cocktail Time has a better movement with longer power reserve and higher accuracy specs. The 4R model has a different crown and gold rotor and is slightly thinner. I chose the 4R model only because it has the colour variant that I prefer.



SRPB47J – Bought at K2 Watch Co.

845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1.

Singapore 400845.

Tel: 6746 0270


SARB065 – Borrowed from Gary Chew


Note: Photos marked with “#yeomanseiko” in this post should not be used for any form of sales or advertising purpose without my permission.



23 thoughts on “Seiko 4R35 Cocktail Time – SRPB47J

      • How come Paros is so popular in Sg? Hong kong/guangzhou suppliers?

        I am studying the vintage watch history in sg – have realised the predominance of Titoni, Citizen and Pagol. I wonder why…


        • Paros is popular in SG because it is a very affordable brand and they have an established network of dealers.

          Titoni, Pagol and Citizen are quite popular back in the day. I think it is again due to price and the marketing done by the distributors.


  1. Thanks. The fact that the dial is off white is appealing to me though it is hard to tell from the pictures just how “off” it is. It clearly appears it is not as “off” as say the more cream look of the SDGM001. Is this correct?


  2. Do you think the new SRPB line is better than the SARB065? If you had to choose between having a SARB065 or having the SRPB47J, which one would you choose?
    I really like the look of the cocktail time and am trying to decide if I should get the new or the old version. On the one hand, I appreciate that the SARB065 has the better movement, but at the same time I am put off by lots of people saying it is too thick of a watch, which is the main thing that the new cocktail time has addressed.
    Irrespective of price, which would you recommend?


    • The SARB065 has a slightly better movement and comes with a better quality strap. The 4R model is slightly thinner and has a bigger crown. For me, I chose the 4R because of its dial colour. If you are looking at the light blue dial, I suggest you get the SARB065 ( I suppose it has to be preowned since it is now discontinued). It is a popular model and will probably retain most of its value.


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    • I know this new one is thinner, but there is a lot of ppl looking for a metal bracelet for the 065.
      Maybe this is the perfect match.
      Nice review.
      Love your new watch.


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  6. From 6R to 4R, what a downgrade for this beautiful looking lineup, like for what? You can get 4R moves in 140$ models easily. Cocktail time should have 6R move imo.


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