Photo Review: Seiko Velatura SRQ001

This time round, I would like to post a photo review of Seiko’s first 8R28 chronograph, SRQ001. This watch was introduced during Basel World 2008 and is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide.

Before looking at the photos, here are the material used in this watch:

Case: Stainless steel
Dial: Carbon fiber
Bezel: Stainless steel and carbon fiber
Bracelet: Stainless steel and urethane
Crystal: Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Caseback crystal: Sapphire

Diameter: 50mm including crown
Lug width: 26mm
Thickness: 16mm

22 thoughts on “Photo Review: Seiko Velatura SRQ001

  1. What a terrible design. It’s nice to see an automatic chronograph movement, but this watch does nothing for me. It looks like a monstrosity that Invicta would produce.


  2. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for this review. I saw this watch awhile back and was very impressed as its a automatic Chronograph from Seiko! They have stopped making those for sometime now but recently IIRC, they had a Prospex Flightmaster chronograph with an automatic movement also? ICBW!

    Huge watch but an even larger price! It was priced at RM11,000.00 about 2.5 years ago!

    Best regards,



    • Hi Ian,

      They did made a Flightmaster with several dial variants few years back. The most common one being the SBDS001. I am fortunate to have one.

      Best regards,


      • O Thomas ‘the Mighty One’! You have one of this babies! WOW!

        Last time I saw one was a couple of years back in S’pore at King Wah at Peninsula Plaza . . don’t tell me you got it from there?

        Was blown away by it then but got blown to bits when I was told the price! LOL!

        Cool watch that.


  3. Thanks for the review Thomas. I call this an extremely avant-garde design. Kudos to Seiko for pulling through with a design which they probably know would cause mix reactions from their patrons. Big, chunky, unproportional but in its own character. I know that there would be at least 2000 individuals worldwide that would grab this piece.



    • I don’t know which shop has this in stock. The best way is, go to a Seiko dealer and ask them to order it from Thong Sia.

      Btw, list price is SGD4375.30


  4. Ya, this watch looked stunning, automatic chronograph, 2000pcs worldwide limited edition. I got one, but… Unfortunately, poor me. Got problemsssSSS!


  5. Hey Yeoman, i found a very similar watch(8R28) in the Sportura line. I read that a LE run of 1000 were produced. I believe it to be much cleaner looking and not so large. I snagged two of them so now i have one NIB#40/1000.WSRO. Thanks


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