Understanding Orient model number for international models

I found this in the 2011 Orient catalog and thought it might be a useful resource for Orient fans out there.

The movement table below includes movements used in the models found in the 2011 catalog. It does not include movements that are not found in the catalog.

Can you see how the model number system work on these Mako variants?

If it is hard to visualize with the mako series, try these three Hogrider variants.

22 thoughts on “Understanding Orient model number for international models

  1. Hi Thomas,

    That’s wonderful information! You have managed to ‘Break the Orient Code’! Now it makes sense. It’s a bit complicated but very useful information.

    Thanks for sharing it! I have a couple of Orients and their code has so far baffled me! Not anymore! LOL!

    Best regards always,



  2. Hello,

    i have a question that i feel you may have the answer for, i got a box of old and not so old wrist watches from my father, its all of the wristwatches the he had plus few of my grandfather, there is one ORIENT which i would like to repair, but i dont seem to find the model numbe anywhere, HFA921-70 CA, which is on the back, also writtent the usuall, stainless steel back’ water resist GP….
    in the front side , it says tachymeter chronograph, black + lluminos dials and white background i dont know what type of material.

    can you help me with that model name and year?

    if not i stiil wish you a good day and i like your webpage here.

    best regards

    Pigeon Sol


  3. Thanks for trying 🙂

    I asked my father for the age of this watch, he said its about 25-30 yrs old.

    btw, i sent an email to Orient customer service, they didnt tell me the model name, but they sent me back the owner manual as PDF file. still no model name on it also but it fits all chronographs with alarm and tachymeter models that no’ starts with TA.

    Thanks again
    best regards


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  5. Hi i have been given an old watch orient quartz and the number on the back plate is kw585917-20 ca, i cant seem to find any information about this one and was wondering if you could help, also the number on the inside mechanism is 58510 2j and the number on the bottom of the face is Japan y 58519172-041


    • I have orient watch light powered 4000 water resist 100m . Model no VD05-000 CA. Can you give me some info about this watch?


  6. I have an Orient Watch, its a flat square Quartz watch.
    I remember buying it in 1996/1997..

    The dial is like matt gold with 2 shiny polished squares for a 12 and 6, which are resembling 4 squares each.
    And 2 shiny stripes for the 3 and 9.
    The other numbers are black stripes.
    The dials are shiny gold.

    Under the square12 stands: Orient Quartz.
    Above the square6 stands a sort of 3towers. Under the square6 is in fine print: Japan – and a coupple of number i can not read at this moment.

    The case itself is stainless steel with the sides goldplated. Also 2 of the 7 rows of the band are goldplated.
    They are still shiny, and the watch is heavily worn.
    The movement wheel is goldplated and haa a black stone(?).

    On the backplate stands:
    Stainless Steel Back
    O (in a square) C20023-40 B2

    I would like to know more about this watch, Google doesn’t show any results.


  7. Hi Thomas,
    I’v got Orient watch from my grandfather and would like to know about model, date of manufacturing and country of origin. The chase on the back as folowing: CH468235-BA PR. Would you help me with this info?


  8. Hi all,

    I have an Orient Ray Black.
    Is there any way to tell the build day just after the serial number?
    KY EM65-C8-A CA Q4

    em – for movement?
    65- case type

    No idea what the other one mean.
    Can anyone assist me?


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