Orient AM/PM indicator watch – CFN01002EH

This time round I had the opportunity to handle an affordable piece of Orient AM/PM indicator watch. The size and shape of watch is very similar to a standard Seiko 5 dress watch except it has an arc shaped day window with AM and PM indicator in it.

The date is set by turning the crown at first click position while the day and AM/PM is set by pushing the pusher on the side of the case as shown on the picture below. You will need to use the a ball point pen for the job as the pusher is designed to flush with the watch case to prevent it from being pushed by accident.

The arrow shaped nine o’clock marker serves as the indicator for the AM/PM. If the time is before 12 noon, the pointer should be pointing at ‘AM’. The AM/PM change occurs each time the hour hand passes the 12 o’clock marker (every 12 hours). Like most Orient movements, date change occurs at around 12:00am and day change (and AM/PM change) occurs at around 1:15am.

Suppose today is 24th July, Friday, 10:35pm. Here’s what I would do to set the watch:

1. Pull the crown to second click position and turn the minute hand until a date change occurs and rotate until the time is at 6am.
2. Put the crown to second click position and set the date to ’24’.
3. Push the pusher until the day is at FRI and the pointer is pointing to ‘AM’.
4. Pull the crown to second click position and set the time to 10:35pm.

Below is the case back of the watch.

And here’s the bracelet and clasp of the watch. It really looks like a Seiko 5 bracelet to me. I wonder if they came out of the same bracelet factory.


Orient CFN01002EH featured in this post is provided by
Authorized Orient distributor in Singapore:

483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

3 thoughts on “Orient AM/PM indicator watch – CFN01002EH

  1. Quite strange that this watch doesn’t have the mention on the back case “Made in Japan”. Are you sure they are 100 % made in Japan or simply the movement is made there and the rest made and assembled in China…?! Nice look but a Made in China watch I’m not so kin about it.


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