Watch handling: Seiko Alpinist SARB063

I had the opportunity to handle the new Seiko Alpinist (SARB063) recently. This watch uses the same case as the SKX007, 009, 011 and other color variants, collectively known as the SKX divers. The Alpinist is powered by the 6R15 movement whereas the SKX divers are powered by the 7S26 movement. Below are some quick photos showing the features of the watch.

Signed crown and curved hardlex crystal. Bezel rotates in both directions.

Caseback with Alpinist logo. This model is limited to 500 pieces.

Solid end links that takes standard spring bars (Not the thick ones found on the SKX divers).

Standard Seiko solid link bracelet that comes with folding clasp with push button release and safety catch.

In addition to the bracelet, the watch comes with a nylon bund strap.

Here’s the packaging of the watch.


Seiko SARB063 featured in this post is provided by:

483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

12 thoughts on “Watch handling: Seiko Alpinist SARB063

  1. Hi Thomas,

    I read your blog with much interest. Recently, I have become interested in the Seiko Ti Prospex diver, SBDC007. What are your thoughts on it? Would you be able to advise me as to where to purchase it in Singapore?


    • Hi Benedict,

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      The SBDC007 is a nice but not so popular watch because of its price. The Ti case and diashield protection are nice features to have but they make the 6R15 watch too expensive. An good alternative would be the discontinued Ti Samurai (SBDA001) if you can find one. The Sumo (SBDC001) is also a good option if stainless steel is okay with you.

      The SBDC007 can be purchased directly from the online Japanese sellers. If you prefer to purchase locally, please contact Big Time.

      Best regards,


  2. Hi Thomas,

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog for a while now and I enjoy reading your reviews and opinions about your watches.

    I am from Ogilvy Public Relations and I do believe I have some information from SEIKO which might be of interest to you. Please feel free to drop me an email and I will be more than glad to share with you the information that we have.



    • Hi Ben,

      If you are referring to Big Time, I think their prices are slightly higher but if there is a problem with the watch, you can bring it back to them and they will ship it to Japan on your behalf. You get the convenience of dealing with a local shop.

      There are also some differences between buying at a brick and mortar shop and buying online. For example, no waiting time, no lost mail, able to pick and choose if you are the fussy type 🙂

      Of course, the Japanese sellers are trustworthy people. I have bought from them on several occasions.

      Best regards,


  3. Yeoman, I love reading your reviews! I was wondering, is the bezel on this Alpinist uni- or bi-directional? (With the 60 minute markings, I was wondering if it could also be used as a diver, but if it’s bi-directional, I would say no, right?)


  4. I recently purhased a new Seiko Alpinist SARB059J , its of high build quality as one can expect from Japan Demostic Market Seiko’s . Highly recommend this watch , i like it just as much as my new JDM Seiko Sumo Divers .


  5. I thought i will mention , i got great service & decent price from “Thong Sia” Seiko Boutique store here in Singapore on both my SBDC001J Sumo & SARB059J Alpinist . Also buying from Thong Sia “Genuine official Seiko Boutique Store” , i get a international warranty & not a in store warranty as online or grey import sellers only offer .


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