Modified Orient Bambino

I posted on Facebook saying that I am going to do a dial (and movement) swap on two of my Orient Bambinos. Today, I am happy to say that it’s done and I am happy with the end result.

Below is a picture of the original Orient Bambinos. On the left is the ER24002W (rose goal case with rose gold hands and indices) and on the right is the ER2400BW (stainless steel case with rose gold hands and Roman indices).

I bought the rose gold ER24002W with the idea of trying out a rose gold watch. It turns out that I am not really a fan of the rose gold case. The Roman dial ER2400BW is a nice watch but the small Roman indices bothers me a little. Since both watches are not getting the wrist time, I decided to swap the dials to create something that I really like.

The swap is done by my watchmaker and it is really simple process. For each watch, open the caseback and remove the crown and stem. Pop out the movement (with dial and hands) and swap them over. Place the crown back and tighten the caseback.

Here is what they look like after the swap. The watch on the left is what I am after – stainless steel case with rose gold hands and indices. The watch on the right unfortunately is the by-product created.

Here is another picture of the resulting watch.

31 thoughts on “Modified Orient Bambino

  1. Nicely done. Looking at both the before and after photos, the swap of both watches really brought a different character altogether. I like what you have done to your watches. From these pictures, my preference would be the rose gold one. The Roman indices really enhance this character well. However, I may have different opinion if I were to view them in person. Well done indeed.


  2. Ouch!!!
    You beat me to it! When i got both back in last November, i oredi had such a thought of swapping the cases! Duh… now i have to look for some other ways to get a different look than yours…


  3. Love the left side end result. I remember I bought my first Orient automatic watch before, there are two choices of white or black background with stainless steel case. I regret that I get the black background (not sure whats it called). Turn out white on stainless stell case is elegant and nice.


  4. Both are very much improved! I would absolutely buy the steel Bambino with the rose gold hour markers (left one)–looks gorgeous!


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