Seiko Presage – SARX015

Here is a recent Japan domestic Presage model that I handled. This model is powered by the 6R15 movement and comes in black and whte dial variants.

Many Seiko watches out there are considered poor man’s Grand Seiko but I think this model is really the true PMGS. Here are my reasoning:

  1. simple dial and case design
  2. uses 6R15 movement which is mainly used in Japan domestic models
  3. 39mm diameter which is similar size as recent automatic GS models
  4. long hour markers which again is similar to recent GS models
  5. crown at 3 and dial with date window

Below are a couple of pictures showing the salient features of this watch.

Textured dial.

Signed crown.

Sapphire crystal.

See-through caseback.

Bracelet with solid end links.

Milled folding clasp with push button lock.

Keep this watch in mind if you are looking for a poor man’s Grand Seiko.

Here’s a picture of the white dial variant, SARX013.

Diameter: 39mm excluding crown
Lug width: 20mm
Thickness: 11.2mm

Seiko SARX015 featured in this post is provided by

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

15 thoughts on “Seiko Presage – SARX015

  1. Does the date center properly within the date window?
    In some of the pictures online, it seems like it does while for some it doesn’t (across the Presage series).

    Those are very nice pictures and thanks for sharing – it’s such a shame the red-tipped second hand only comes in the SARX017, but yet I really want the bracelet.

    PS: How many green notes do I need for this from BigTime? Just a rough ballpark will do. Cheers!


    • Don’t worry, the date is centered within the date window. It looks off in my pictures because I set the time to 10:10 without noticing the date was changing.

      Please contact Big Time regarding the pricing.


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  3. Hi Thomas,
    I like the model featured in this review. I think that visually, I prefer the earlier SARB027 & SARB031 as the ‘Poor Man’s GS’, with the dauphine hands, domed crystal and GS-like dial, though the case is smaller and lugs are thinner. Do you think that Seiko will come up with a new range under ‘Mechanical’ that comes close to a GS… like the SARB031 with 6R15 but with GS-type case/lugs, make the diameter 39mm, blued second hands, with silver & cream dials ? Can we try to give feedback to Seiko regarding this… I’m sure they will sell lots of these watches.
    – Regards, Mark (Poor Man)


    • Maybe Seiko wants GS designs to be exclusive. Maybe Seiko thinks about collectors wishes. Let’s hope GS-like designs will appear in coming iterations…and yeomanseiko will be the first to feature them! Thank you.


  4. Hi Thomas,
    Nice watches nice pictures once again . Out of context to your post, I am really disheartened to see my 4 months old Golgo 13 LE black coating peel off at the case back (worn 5 times only). I notice this problem with this watch from your post and another guy’s post online but still went ahead to buy it, now I am really sad and hurt; so much so that I am going to sell this LE Golgo 13 away tonight to ease my heartache. I am really disappointed with seiko these days, really bad quality for the price I paid for such an exquisite range of tuna watch 😦
    Very Sad


    • Brandon,

      Maybe you should get yourself a SBBN015 or 017 with the money you get from selling the Golgo 13. They don’t have this issue since there is no coating on them.



    • It seems that Seiko’s low end models are not accorded the same level of fit and finish as Grand Seikos are. Case in point , take a good look at the pictures here. Do the hour markers lineup properly within the cutouts? Cheaper Seikos are built to a price and it shows. Surprisingly ,I personally find ,Seiko 5 have better fit and finish than some of the Jdm models like the Sumo series which have a problem with the chapter and index alignment.


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