Grand Seiko GMT 10th Year Anniversary – SBGM029

Had the opportunity to see the SBGM029 in person last week. This is one of the GSGMT 10th Year Anniversary models launched this year. This particular model is limited to 700 pieces.

Here are some quick photos of the watch and its box and papers.

The watch has a deep blue which looks like a black dial under low light condition. Under brighter light, it appears to be blue. The GMT hand is actually gold in colour.



Serial number on sleeve

Outer box



Inner box

Inner box (opened)

Price Tag

With my SBGM001

Thanks to Gary Chew, the owner of the watch.

8 thoughts on “Grand Seiko GMT 10th Year Anniversary – SBGM029

  1. This is a beautiful watch. However, this GMT Limited Edition 10th Year Anniversary (SBGM029) is actually almost identical to the regular edition GMT SBGM001 that has stopped production some months ago. It is a beautiful watch. My trouble is Seiko (and many other watch producers) are taking existing models, made minimum modifications (in this case SBGM029 has gold hand whereas SBGM001 has the Red GMT hand and the word GMT marked in red), and present it to consumers/collectors as a brand new model (or limited edition model) with price hike.

    Not meant to be critical of Seiko or any other watch producers. It is just becoming harder to collect “value” watches especially in the world being bombarded with the word “limited edition”.

    I am happy keeping my SBGM001 for a long long time !!! Cheers.


    • I also observed that Seiko has re-used many of its 9S55/65 designs to house the newer 9S65/66 and even the Spring Drive movements. I think the SBGM029 is excusable since it is a 10th Year Anniversary model and it is appropriate for it to be based on the design of the SBGM001 which is the first GSGMT.


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