Landmaster 10th Year Anniversary – SBDX009

I acquired a used Landmaster 10th Anniversary, SBDX009 last month and finally had some time to take some decent photos. This watch is not entirely new to me because I have the regular edition, SBDX007 since 2004.

The SBDX007 was released in 2002 and the 009 was released in 2003.

Below is a side-by-side shot of the two Landmasters. As you can see, there are differences on the the dial, hands and bezel. Both watches have titanium cases but the SBDX009 appears to be slightly darker.

The SBDX009 has a nice map dial with gold accents on its hands and hour markers.

The SBDX007 spots a simple dial design.

The casebacks are similar except the SBDX009 has the 10th Year Anniversary inscription and the unique “XXX/500” serial number indicating that there were only 500 pieces made.

In this picture below, you can see that the SBDX009 has a darker tone as compared to the SBDX007.

Top row (left to right): SBDX011, SBDX005, SBDX003
Bottom row (left to right): SBDX007, SBDX009, SBDX001

8 thoughts on “Landmaster 10th Year Anniversary – SBDX009

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Sweet watch and review! I have been out of the watch scene for a long time and had forgotten about the Sagarmatha SBDX009 until I read your post. Was it difficult to hunt for one of these rare beauties and did you get it for a good price?

    As a long time 8L35 owner, have you ever needed to regulate your trusty Landmaster SBDX003? Is Thong Sia Singapore Pte Ltd’s sanctioned by Seiko Japan to service and repair high end movements like the 8L35 and 9S55? From what I know, Thong Sia Malaysia is not allowed to handle such watches with those movements; they will send the watch to Seiko Japan.

    Oh, btw, congratulations on your acquisition of this rare bird! 🙂



    • Hi Stratman,

      Nice to hear from you. From our previous conversation, I understand you are into photography. Come back to the WIS world soon, bro 🙂

      I remember some years back, a guy tried to sell his SBDX009 on the old SCTF and it took a long time before he could find a buyer. He would repost his FS ad every 2-3 days and he did that for a month or two if I remember correctly. At that time, if you go to Yahoo Japan auction and search for “SBDX” or “8L35”, chances are you would see one or two SBDX009’s listed there with no bids.

      Things are different these days. This watch has become very rare and more people are interested in it. Today, a decent piece would probably sell for more than JPY180,000. Real mint ones with box and papers would go for more than JPY200,000. I feel that the SBDX009 is more difficult to find compared to the SBDX003 (Year 2000 Historical Collection), both watch being limited to 500 pieces. Mine was priced below JPY150,000 due to some scratches on its case and bezel.

      So far I have yet to service any of my high end Seiko’s but I believe I need to some day. I seldom check their accuracy to exactly how many seconds a day. I’m okay with them as long as I don’t see a one minute difference when compared to time shown on my smart phone. Thong Sia Singapore does not repair and service high end Seiko movements. Just like Thong Sia Malaysia, they will have to send the watch back to Japan.

      Best regards,


    • Hi Shoktong,

      The SBDX011 can only be used a casual/weekend watch whereas the SBDX001 can double up as a dress watch since it is smaller and comes with a bracelet. Get both eventually, it doesn’t matter which one comes first.:).

      Best regards,


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