Got myself a 6159-7010

The Tuna Can is really addictive. Barely one month after getting my first Tuna, the SBDX011, I went on and acquired a vintage 6159-7010.

I have set three rules for myself when it comes to collecting watches. Some collectors may find my rules odd but they are set according to my watch collecting and wearing preferences and things like these vary from person to person. So here they are:

  1. No quartz watches
  2. No vintage watches
  3. No metal bracelets

This time, I had to bend rule #2 just for the Tuna Can.

The 6159-7010 is my second Tuna Can and also my first watch with a 36,000bph hi beat movement.

The watch is certainly not NOS nor anywhere near LN or near mint condition. That is okay for me and in fact I find that I’m more willing to wear it than my brand new SBDX011.

Let me show you the condition of the watch.

Shown below is the shroud. There are some minor scratches there as you can see.

The other side of the shroud is pretty clean. I don’t see any chirping on it besides the minor one shown here.

The lume material on the hands and hour markers has developed a patina which looks pretty nice.

There are a lot of minor scratches on the bezel insert. However, most of them did not cause the black paint to come off and hence they are not visible most of the time. I only see them when the watch is placed under the light.

There are some stains on the side of the caseback under the shroud that I believe can be cleaned up. In fact, I plan to remove the shroud and do some cleaning in there.

Overall, I think the condition is very reasonable for a watch that was made in June 1975.

Note: All pictures in this post are taken by cell phone camera.

11 thoughts on “Got myself a 6159-7010

  1. Dear Yeoman,

    I have been searching for a Tuna Can (vintage or new) for the longest time.
    If you come across any more Tuna, please do drop me an email coz I am very interested to own one.

    Many Thanks for your help!


    • Hi Lim,

      The vintage 6159-7001 is hard to come by unless you go to ebay or Yahoo Japan auction. If you are looking for a new one, you can always get the SBDX011. It is the latest Tuna from Seiko.

      Best regards,


  2. Hi , I’m very soon to own myself a 6195 7010 tuna can ,
    The very first thing I’m going to do when I got the watch is to get the dials , hands to be relume , and servicing ,
    Do you know any best place or someone which is the best to do it in Singapore ?
    I would like the watch to be re done in Singapore rather than sending out to overseas,
    Any help would be greatly appreciated .
    Thank you


  3. Hi, I’m looking at a tuna can from someone who bought it from the US thru ebay.. I interested in getting it..
    some factors to worry abt :
    *How to differentiate an original or fake
    *very clean looks (might be refurbish)
    *Where to service it in singapore
    *Parts availability

    Do reply me if you have the time, many thanks.


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