Watch Handling: Seiko SBBN015 300m Professional Diver

Seiko released three prodessional divers recently. Two of them are rated 300m (SBBN015 and SBBN017) and one of them 1000m (SBDX011). I should be getting the SBDX011 soon and while waiting, I had the privilege to handle one of the new 300m divers, the SBBN015.

Here’s the box that I received.

Upon opening the cover of the presentation box, I saw the watch sitting there, one of the two newest models in the quartz Tuna family.

The watch is very soothing to the eyes. It does not reflect a lot of light due to the use of brushed and matt finishings.

The shroud is brush finished and is not glaring to look at compared to a shroud smooth surface. The ‘white on black’ bezel insert appears to have a layer of protection that is matt finished. The bracelet is covered by protective plastic but I can see that it has brushed finishing.

Below is a closeup of the dial. I see that the lume material is nicely applied and the hour markers have a grey coloured framed around them. The hour and minute hands are brushed finished as well.

From the finishing of these components, I can tell that the watch was designed to reduce glaring effect to the minimum.

Here’s the side profile of the watch showing the signed crown and drilled lugs. The watch uses a curved crystal just like the SBBN007.

The Philips screw used on the older models has been replaced by the hex screw.

Here’s a caseback shot.

The bracelet has brushed finishing and comes with a flip lock clasp with push button release as well as a safety catch that is also used to release the wet suit extension.

Besides the SBBN015, the other new model, the SBBN017 looks pretty close to the discontinued SBBN007.

I suspect the SBBN015 will become more popular because of its more classic black bezel insert and the OEM bracelet.


SBBN015 featured in this post is provided by:

483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

33 thoughts on “Watch Handling: Seiko SBBN015 300m Professional Diver

  1. Hi Thomas,
    Nice review but I must say, I like the silver bezel better.

    BTW, I bought the Orient Star Divers 300m (yellow) from Leslie and in the process, placed additional orders for three other friends (one of them wanted a black and a yellow one). This makes a total of five. We should gather one day and have all our Orient’s together for a group wrist shot =)


    • Hi Tony,

      Congrats on your new watch. Perhaps we can meet on the day your friends collect their watches for a group wrist shot.

      Best regards,


  2. Hi, I’m a newbie and I’m a bit confused. You say it has quartz movement. I thought all Seiko “tuna cans” were automatic. Do all SBBN007 replacements have quartz movement only? Thanks.


    • Hi Fab,

      Not all tuna cans are automatic. In fact, there are only three automatic tuna cans – SBDX011, SBDX005 and the vintage 6159-7010.

      SBBN015 (the watch featured in this post) and SBBN017 are the replacements for the SBBN007 and both are quartz.

      Best regards,


    • Hi Tosh,

      I think Seiko considers their Tuna Can a professional diver and if they make an automatic 300m tuna, it will probably come with the 8L35 movement. It is quite unlikely that they will make a 200m tuna with the 6R15 movement.

      Best regards,


  3. Please advise where I can find such Seiko Tuna (Japan Domestic Market’s watch) in Singapore. I’ll be shortly in Singapore and plan to buy Seiko/Orient. I’m interested also for Citizen Ecozilla. Appreciated if you know where I can buy it in SG.


  4. Thomas,

    Sorry for bringing an old post back up. But I just recently caught the Tuna Can bug and I’m confused at the seemingly dual existence of SBBN007 and SBBN015/017. What really are the differences between them, aside from the Phillips/hex screws and bezel insert color? AFAIK they all use the 7C46 quartz caliber and are all diver’s 300m watches, right?

    George — Jakarta


    • Hi George,

      Actually, the 007 was discontinued before the 015 and 017 were released.

      Besides those you mentioned, the 015 and 017 have “Marinemaster” on their dials as well as signed crown. Also, the 015 comes with a stainless steel bracelet.

      The price difference is mainly because Seiko upped the pricing of these 7C46 divers.



      • So which one do you think holds more value for the money? If I decide to get an 007 I’d also get a Watchadoo for it.

        Or, maybe I should just get the Frankenmonster as a cheap Tuna fix :-p


        • If you don’t mind the differences mentioned earlier, the SBBN007 is more value for money since they are pretty much the same thing. If you prefer bracelet, go for the SBBN015. It has the original Seiko bracelet with the MM type of dive suit extension.

          I sold my frankenmonster when I got the real tuna. It is not a tuna fix 🙂


          • I see, so does SBBN015’s stock bracelet fit the SBBN007? It would be quite weird to get a professional diver watch and not have a bracelet which has a diver’s extension.

            Yep the Frankenmonster is not comparable to the Tuna, let’s just call it a baby Tuna that doesn’t need as much babying as a real Tuna (because it is a lot cheaper). Pardon the pun.


            • It would be expensive to get the just the bracelet alone and I’m not sure if it would fit the 007. You can ask the usual suspects for a quote.

              I would go for the SBBN015 if I’m getting a quartz tuna. Prefer the black bezel insert.


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  6. Great review , being a purely Quartz Tuna appeals even more to me . Purchase price is better value than a mechanical , its super accurate , no expensive servicing or overhaul costs in the future either.
    What a awesome Seiko Diver , i would say being a Quartz Tuna MM300 is a plus + .

    MIKER .


    • Yes, quartz has the advantage of being convenient. Unlike autos, it doesn’t stop when you are not using it and it will last for 5 years before you need to change the battery.


  7. ^^
    When you consider , that every 3 to 5 years one must service a mechanical watch or overhaul their mechanical watch . Whats the big concern about having to change a battery / water proofing rubber seals / gaskets every 3 to 5 years in a Quartz watch ?
    So “IMO” the Quartz MM300 is not only cheaper to purchase & service , it has the added bonus of super high accuracy .


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  9. Yeo, i am confused! i was told to collect seiko watches, automatic is a must, and usually quartz is cheaper. how come tuna is release in quartz? can some one please enlighten me? thank you,


  10. Hi yeoman,

    I’ve been thinking of getting a tuna for a while now and was considering the 017 or 015. Do you know any place in the United Arab Emirates that stocks them? I could always get them online from seiyajapan but I need it urgently and want to try it on too.


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