Another Orient for me

Pulled the trigger on another Orient 300m diver recently. This time round I took the black dialed version with the traditional Orient two-lion logo (Model# CFD0C001B) since I already have the OrientStar version.

The new addition is an international model while the OrientStar version is a Japan domestic model. Both watches are made in Japan as indicated on their casebacks.

So here they are, the Orient 300m divers.

Here’s an old post on the Orient divers.!3318BA07329CD633!1674.entry

9 thoughts on “Another Orient for me

    • Will do, Tony. But the Orient 300m diver is a collector’s item. I have no intention of selling mine yet. In fact, I’m thinking of the orange one but my wallet is weak.


  1. Ok. I thought you bought both the black and orange one? Personally, I like the black dial better but with the Orient Star logo =) You cannot win them all.


    • I bought the yellow one with the Orient Star logo last August. And last month, I bought the black dial version with the traditional logo. The yellow one is a JDM model whereas the black one is an international model. Both are equally good. 🙂


  2. According to my AD friend this model use seiko 4s15 (Alpanist, SUS) seiko movement, seiko took over orient japan and start to upgrade orient star model to meet up with the standard. (Seiko stop using 4s15 but pass it on for orient model)


    • I don’t think so. Seiko 4S15 movement hacks and handwind. This Orient watch does not have these features.

      Also, Seiko 4S15 movement does not have power reserve display.


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  4. Hi is it the yellow for sale or trade with others watches or do you know somebody that is selling this model? Thanks very much


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