Seiko Presage “Sharp Edged Series” – SPB165J1 and SPB167J1

This time round I had the opportunity to handle two specimens from the Seiko Presage “Sharp Edged Series”. They are the white dialed SPB165J1 and blue dialed SPB167J1. This Presage model has a nice textured dial and a simple case design. If you are not ready to purchase a Grand Seiko, you might want to consider this watch as an appetizer before pulling the trigger on a GS.

Below are some pictures.

Seiko SPB165J1 and SPB167J1 featured in this post are provided by K2.

845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1.
Singapore 400845.
Tel: 6746 0270

Text and pictures by Yeoman
Thanks for viewing

3 thoughts on “Seiko Presage “Sharp Edged Series” – SPB165J1 and SPB167J1

  1. Hi Yeoman,
    With your extensive and hands-on experience with Seikos including Grand Seikos, do you think these “Sharp Edge Series” models are a very good Baby GS candidate? I also like the SARX055 “Frost” model, but are these Sharp Edge closer to GS in your opinion?


    • Hi Mark,
      Both the Sharp Edged Series and the SARX055 are good baby GS candidates. Which one you pick depends on which case design and dial texture you prefer. Take note that the SARX055 has a titanium case and is loaded with the 6R15 movement. The Sharp Edged Series has stainless steel case and is powered by the 6R35 movement.


      • Hi Thomas, glad to know your thoughts on these watches. As you said, finally it’s up to the individual preference. And also noting that SARX055 is JDM only, but not the Sharp Edge.


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