Seiko Prospex “Save the Ocean” King Turtle – SRPE39K1

This time round I had the opportunity to handle the Seiko Prospex “Save the Ocean” King Turtle, SRPE39K1. This is a special edition that features a textured blue dial with stingrays printed on it. It is an upgraded version of the Seiko 4R based Turtle. Below are my opinions of the new features.

Sapphire crystal: this is a good upgrade but the cyclops is definitely unnecessary.

Anti-reflective coating: the effect is obvious. I can see the difference in clarity when comparing the King Turtle with the regular Turtle.

Bezel: I prefer the new bezel design. It is very nice and provides a good grip.

Ceramic bezel insert: Not a fan of ceramic insert as it reflects light easily. Aluminium insert is good enough for me.

Seiko SRPE39K1 featured in this post is provided by K2.

845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1.
Singapore 400845.
Tel: 6746 0270

Text and pictures by Yeoman
Thanks for viewing

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