Side-by-side: SARX019 and SRP385J


Last week, I had the opportunity to put my SRP385J next to a SARX019 (watch on the right in the above picture). These two watches have similar looking case and both come with leather strap with deployant buckle. The differences are:

SARX019 vs SRP385J
– 6R15 vs 4R36 movement
– Curved sapphire crystal vs flat sapphire crystal
– enamel dial vs regular white dial
– Blue hands vs black hands


From the side, we can see that the SARX on the right has a thicker bezel. This is to provide allowance for the curved crystal.


Both have display back.


The SARX has a better quality leather strap.
(Note: the strap on the SRP385J in the picture is a aftermarket strap)


On the wrist, the SARX019 sits higher than the SRP385J since it is a thicker watch.




10 thoughts on “Side-by-side: SARX019 and SRP385J

  1. Good comparison, I’ve completely forgot about SRP385, nice watch. Do you were it often? So basically SARX019 is the same as SARX011, but with a little bit different dial color?


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