“I Love Seiko” Prize Presentation at Thong Sia Singapore

I was invited once again to the Seiko showroom at Thong Sia Singapore to attend the prize presentation of the “I Love Seiko” video contest. The event took place on 12th Dec 2009 and the winner of the contest is our very own Badrun Nafis aka Badern. His video was selected by the judges at Seiko Japan to be the winner of the contest.

A small crowd turned up at the showroom and among them were Badern’s family including his wife, kids and in-laws. WIS friends present were Jamban, RaymondWhale and myself. Shoppers at the showroom also stopped by to have a look. There were some ‘lurker’ among them I believe.

The event started off with a roundup of the “I Love Seiko” contest by Glenn Koh of Ogilvy Public Relations.

After Glenn’s introduction, the Assistant General Manager of Thong Sia Singapore, Mr. Wilfred Koh presented the prize to Badern.

Badern won for himself a Seiko Ananta automatic chronograph watch powered by the 8R28 movement. (Model# SRQ005)

Nice Seiko 5 Sports there on the photographer’s wrist

After the prize presentation, everyone mingled around at the showroom to take pictures and talk about watches.  Here are some picture of the Ananta thai I took.

Complete with box, papers and warranty

Badern and his family. His kids were wearing his Seiko watches.

Badern with Glenn Koh (left) from Ogilvy Public Relations and Jon Loh (right) from Thong Sia Singapore.

The group wrist shot.

Jamban’s Landmonster. First time I saw this US market model.

I took the opportunity to look at the watches in the showroom. They now have the 1000m Tuna (SBDX011) and the 300m MM (SBDX001) on display.

Another pair of watches that caught my attention were the yellow dialed Seiko Caesar’s.


This event in Singapore brought an end to the “I Love Seiko” video contest. Thanks to Ogilvy Public Relations for organizing the event and congrats to the winner, Badern.

Door gifts – Calendar and thumbdrive

3 thoughts on ““I Love Seiko” Prize Presentation at Thong Sia Singapore

  1. WoW! musta been a wonderful moment! Speaking of Jamban’s Landmaster, it’s made in Malaysia which is Ironic.

    It’s like going to Venice and buying souvenirs that are made in China! LOL! But a very hefty and unique watch nonetheless! Thanks for sharing the experience.

    Was just looking through SCWF and can finally see the man behind this set of photos!

    Currently very tempted to indulge in an Emperor Tuna myself. See how the Bbbbonus is like before Chinese New Year! The pic above has inflamed the desire somewhat! LOL!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and the Yeoman Clan, immediate and not so distant members!


    • Hi The Flying Scotsman,

      Thanks for the message.

      You are right about the Landmonster. It is a hefty watch indeed. It’s made in Malaysia (north of Singapore) but we have to purchase and ship it all the way from the US.

      Go ahead and get the Emperor Tuna. It is a great watch. Don’t let the price shown in the picture scare you. You know you can get it online from the usual suspects for less. 🙂

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

      Best regards,


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