Orient Sun & Moon – ETOP003W

This time round I had the opportunity to handle a Orient dress watch with a Sun and Moon indicator on the dial that shows the Sun or Moon according to the time indicated by the hands.

Here’s a quick look at the watch.

Here’s a dial shot. Orient’s website has the following to say about the dial.

The three-layer dial has a complex three-dimensional structure, with separate parts for the Sun & Moon indicator. The carefully polished index creates a high-class atmosphere with its strong presence. The watch utilizes flat sapphire glass and has practical specifications that offer excellent readability.

As I turn the crown, I observed that the Moon starts to show at almost 7pm. This is also the time the Sun starts to disappear. The Sun starts to appear again at around 5am.

Here’s the watch showing the Sun at around 12 noon.

And here’s the Moon at around 12 midnight.

The Sun and Moon indicator also serves as a guide when setting the date on the watch. Basically, you want to set the date when the watch is showing AM time which is when the Sun is seen on the indicator. I also observed that there is no quick set function for the day indicator.

Here are a couple of side shots. The watch has brushed finishing at the sides as you can see.

Below is a caseback shot and strap/buckle shot of the watch.

Diameter: 41.5mm (excluding crown)
Thickness: 13.29mm
Lug width: 22mm

Orient ETOP003W featured in this post is provided by
Authorized Orient distributor in Singapore

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

22 thoughts on “Orient Sun & Moon – ETOP003W

  1. This watch is really stunning! Very different from the current Orient watches! Wish there were colors on the Sun and Moon indicator .. 🙂

    Any idea about the price?

    Thanks for sharing, Yeoman!


  2. Yeoman, this watch is atypical of Orient. It has a nice look, and fee more expensive than the typical middle of the road Orient. And most importantly, moon and sun features are rare (not expensive to make, but rare) among mechanical wristwatches. I remember Maurice Lacroix has one (I used to own one, but sold it !), and a couple of higher-end manufacturers have such features in some of their watches. Thanks for showing and sharing. Cheers. Danny @ Bangkok


    • Hi Danny,

      You just mentioned the two selling points of the watch.

      – expensive look due to its textured dial and the sub-dials.
      – rare Sun and Moon indicator feature.

      Best regards,


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  4. Stunning watch.
    Would have love it more if there was a power reserve indicator as well.
    Gonna drop by my AD to check this out.
    Yeoman, any similar looking ones with power reserve indi?


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    • Congrats on your purchase. Not sure about the movement. If you look at Orient’s site, you will see that they have different alphabets for different movements. I suppose ‘N’ is for purely power reserve without other complications.


  7. It’s really beautiful. Bought it today along with The beast.
    Thanks for your reviews and comments. Very helpful.
    Thank you Godtom…


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