Orient M-Force – EL06001B “The Beast”

I have not posted for more than a month. During this period, I managed to pick up two Orient M-Force divers. One of them is the orange dial EL03002M which I have posted when it was released in 2011. The other one is the 2012 model known as “The Beast”.

Here’s a quick look at the Beast.

I chose the black dial variant because it is easier to get straps for the watch since black goes well with a variety of colours.

The dial is pretty legible because of the big hour markers as well as the hour and minute hands. Especially like the big 12 o’clock marker.

A very well made case with crown at the nine o’clock position protected by a pair big crown guards. The other side of the case is also thickened to create a more balanced case.

The bezel rotates in anti-clockwise direction, making 120 clicks per round. This is an improvement over the 2011 model which makes 60 clicks per round.

Screw in crown signed with Orient’s logo. Overall, it does it job of providing good grip when handwinding the watch. Picture below shows the crown at second click position.

The caseback is similar to that of the previous model. As a diver watch, I thought it would be nice to have a symbol such as a dolphin,tsunami or something related to diving on it.

The watch comes with a nice bracelet and it is worth mentioning that it has thick spring bars and solid end links. Please refer to the pictures below.

Diameter: 47mm
Thickness: 13.3mm
Lug width: 24mm

62 thoughts on “Orient M-Force – EL06001B “The Beast”

  1. Its a pity that Orient didn’t made the logo on the screw-in crown ‘aligned’ when in fully-tightened position… And also is the lock-clasp a bit ‘loose’ when in locked position? It was ‘loose’ as the last year model did, and so was the GMT I’ve bought… *was a little bit disappointed though…


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  3. ok thanks. im thinking to pull my trigger on either this one or the old 2011 model…its hard for me to make a decision between this two. what do you think? thomas, do you own these two models? or may be you can give me some suggestions. thanks


    • I have both and I prefer the 2012 model. It has a nicer dial design. The hands and hour markers are bigger. Both do not have conventional diver bezel but the 2012 model has a nicer bezel over the 2011 model. It’s 120 clicks per round too. If you use the bracelet, the 2012 model has solid end links.


  4. what is the different between WV0071EL and EL06001B ? they look totally same and both are made in japan. but WV0071EL was more expensive..


  5. Hi Yeoman. Can you describe how the lume is on Orient Watches. Are they
    Similar to Seiko watches in this respect? My Sumo hold the lume till 5 am easily.,


    • Not every Orient watch model has lume as bright as Seiko. The Orient 200m (revolver) and 300m divers have good lume comparable to Seiko. The M-Force divers also have pretty good lume. The rest are probably not as good.


    • Tony, I checked my 2011 M-Force again and found that it indeed has 120 clicks. However, the clicks don’t feel the same as the 2012 model. The 2012 model is much smoother and feels like the Seiko divers. Thanks for pointing it out. They don’t call you Orient Emperor for nothing. 🙂


  6. Is that true that the lug width was 24mm, what size of nato band did you use in the picture?
    Because the nato looks folded, the lug was to small?


  7. Hi. I started collecting Orients and I do enjoy your watch reviews very much. Great pictures!
    Anyway I am very attracted to get a Beast for myself and I am quite undecided between the EL06001H maroon dial and the EL06001D blue. Both are equally attractive to me! Of course I won’t get both and I suppose the blue dial would be more versatile in the long run but I am very drawn to the maroon one as it’s quite an unusual color. I know you got the black. Any advice? Lol.
    Thanks for all the reviews and weblogs. Your posts and pictures certainly do Orient watches justice.


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  9. hi Tom,
    after long, sweaty and difficult negotiation, i finally got “the maroon beast” today.
    he’s a killer, very tough but cool. like superman and myself….lol. but i have doubt, is it true that the bezel made from somekind of plastic?


  10. Hi Tom,

    It’s an eye catching watch, indeed. Do you know if the measurement of the diameter of 47mm include or exclude the crown? Thank you.


  11. Hi Yeoman,

    I have the similar watch given as Xmas gift by a Malaysian friend. Unfortunately I have an issue woth this watch now. Brand new out of the box, it is ticking faster than actual time! It is running at more than 60 mins than actual time in 12 hours!

    Where can I get help to get it fix? My watch is not from local dealer. Does orient international warranty helps ?


    • KH, I think I met you on 27 Dec 2013 around 5:30pm at Big Time. Did you managed to get it serviced FOC? Big Time wanted to charge if the watch did not come from international AD.


      • Hi pc4et, Bigtime has helped to verified that my watch is sold through authorised dealer in Malaysia and they are willing to process the warranty. Thanks to BT!

        However I contacted the dealer in Malaysia and they were willing to do one-to-one exchange for me. Currently my watch is running at -32s since the last sync 3 weeks ago. Do you think I should send in to BT to regulate ?


        • KH, since BT had processed the service of your “Beast” and it is running -32s for the past 3 weeks, you already got a watch with the accuarcy of less than -2 sec per day, right?

          If it is really within 2 sec per day, you already got a very accurate automatic diver watch. My Beast is running at +8~16 sec per day and I am fine with it, as Orient specs is +25 to -15 sec per day.

          But if it is -32s per day, you should sent it to BT to regulate.



  12. Hi Yeoman,

    I started to like your dark green NATO strap, would mind letting me know where you got them? Any web link certainly be helpful. Thanks Again.


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