Singapore Skyline in the new Seiko Criteria Chronograph Ad

Shown above is the current Seiko Criteria ad featuring the 2nd generation Wang LeeHom chronograph. A new ad is created every time a new Criteria chronograph model is released.

This particular ad shows the Singapore skyline in its background and I think it should be documented here because you don’t see the Singapore skyline or any Singapore landmark appearing in a watch ad very often.

Below is a similar picture of the Singapore skyline for your reference.

I believe the Wang LeeHom image was photoshopped onto the picture. Here’s another version of the ad featuring the same watch.

The tagline for Wang LeeHom’s series of chronographs is “Aim higher. The challenge is more rewarding”. I guess this is why the ad uses an aerial view picture as its background.

Here’s an earlier Seiko Criteria ad with an aerial view in its background. Anyone know where this place is?

Below are pictures of the ad found in public places.

Raffles Place: Chevron House

Chinatown: People’s Park Complex

Here’s the 2nd generation Wang LeeHom Criteria chronograph shown in the ad. Model number is SNDD11P1.

Here’s another model, SNDD20P1.

There is also a limited edition in this series. Model number is SNDD21P1.

9 thoughts on “Singapore Skyline in the new Seiko Criteria Chronograph Ad

  1. Nice.
    I like the blue and orange SNDD11P1.

    Tell me please, are they quartz models.
    The UK does not see as much of Seiko ads as it should.
    The models just turn up in the dealer windows.


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