Seiko 130th Anniversary Exhibition in Singapore

2011 marks the 130th Anniversary of Seiko Watch Corporation. The company came up with many “world’s first” in its 130 years of watch making history. To celebrate its 130th anniversary, Seiko launched a series of exhibitions in various countries to showcase its history as well as its latest products.

The exhibition in Singapore took place at VivoCity from 9th to 13th November 2011. I went to the exhibition on 9th Nov 2011 with Badern and here are some pictures taken while I was there.

Seiko history in chronological order as captured at the exhibition.

Cal. 3180 Grand Seiko from 1960.

Cal. 5722 Grand Seiko from 1964.

Cal. 6245 Grand Seiko from 1966.

Cal. 4420 Grand Seiko from 1967.

Ladies Grand Seiko with Cal. 1964 hand winding movement from 1968.

Cal. 4580 “VFA” Grand Seiko from 1969.

Cal. 5646 Grand Seiko from 1970.

Cal 5645 Grand Seiko from 1973.

An enlarged movement sample of the 9S85 hi-beat movement was also out on display. This is ten times the size of the actual movement.

Visitors can also view the actual GS movements (automatic and Spring Drive). Each movement has a loupe over it to provide a clearer view.

Grand Seiko Hi-beat on display.

Grand Seiko GMT on display.

Spring Drive Grand Seiko’s on display.

Here are the 130th Anniversary limited edition watches on display. Not shown here are the handwind Grand Seiko’s.

The Ananta diver SAEK013 displayed with Japanese swords. This watch is powered by the 8R39 movement.

A set of Seiko 130th Anniversary LE Seiko 5’s.

A 130th Anniversary LE Seiko Superior and a LE solar powered quartz.

25 thoughts on “Seiko 130th Anniversary Exhibition in Singapore

  1. Thanks, Thomas, for the coverage. This was indeed a nice exhibition which should raise the profile of the Seiko brand. BTW, what’s that Hi-Beat model with the gold SEIKO and GS lettering pictured between SBGH001 and SBGH005 (the one priced at $10,165)? I didn’t see it when I went on the second day. It’s also not in the catalog. Is it a special edition?


  2. Thomas-

    Thank you for sharing–next best thing to being there!

    As always, very informative, and most appreciated–excellent job!



  3. Hey Yeoman: Thank you very much for this
    collection of Seiko history pictures. This
    collection really shows what an incredible producer
    of watches, the Seiko company turned out to be!
    Thank you again, as seeing these pictures has made
    my day. Paul


  4. Wow! I hope they can organize one in the Philippines too. I think Filipinos are one of the most rabid Seiko fans, and in fact is one of the more well known treasure coves for vintage divers and chronographs.

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Outstanding, i wish i was there. I have purchased a sbgw033 and it will run for 72+ hrs. Do we wait for another ten years for a roadshow like this?
    Thanks for the photos as well as the information. You be da man!


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  7. Hello Thomas,

    Did you managed to have a look on those 130th anniversary Seiko 5s up close? I am trying to find out whether they have solid end links or not.




  8. Hello Thomas,
    thank you for this excellent post. I found an interesting interview with Yosh Kawada Senior Vice President of Seiko USA about 130th Anniversary, the American market and, of course, the Grand Seiko.

    Best regards,


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