Aries Gold Odyssey (Powered by S. Epson Automatic Movement)

This time round, I had the opportunity to try out and review a watch from Aries Gold, a brand that started off in Singapore. The watch is named Odyssey and is powered by a mechanical movement from S. Epson (I believe stands for Seiko Epson). I understand this is the first time Aries Gold uses a S. Epson movement from Japan and although this is an entry level movement with minimal finishing, the watch has a display back that proudly displays it.

This Aries Gold Odyssey comes in five dial/case variants. Let’s take a look below.

Model#: G 9010 S-BU
Ever popular blue dial and stainless steel case combination.

Model#: G 9010 RG-GN
A bold combination of green dial with rose gold case.

Model#: G 9010 G-SG
This is a classic combination of white sunburst dial with gold case and matching gold hour markers and hands.

Model#: G 9010 RG-SRG
This is another classic combination of white sunburst dial with rose gold case and matching rose gold hour markers and hands.

Model#: G 9010 BK-BEI
A nice combination of cream dial and black case.

The Aries Gold Odyssey is a vintage inspired watch. It has Arabic dial and Alpha hands, matched with a simple case design to create a elegant and timeless look. The crystal is not surrounded by a bezel, making it an “all dial” watch.

On the dial, the Arabic hour numerals are applied and the “Aries Gold” words are slightly raised. There is a slight sunburst effect on all variants except the cream coloured one.

The watch is fitted with a double domed (curved on both sides) Sapphire crystal. It creates a nice distortion effect on the edge of the dial when you look at it at a certain angle.

As a mechanical watch lover, I am delighted to see that the Aries Gold Odyssey is powered by the S. Epson automatic movement. This movement comes with stop second (hacking) and hand winding feature. It has a beat rate of 21,600bph.

You can see the words “S. Epson” and the calibre number, “YN55A” on the rotor. It is also engraved with “22 jewels” and the word “Japan”, indicating that it is made in Japan.

This movement is very easy to use. Pulling the crown out to first click position allows you to set the date. The date changes when you turn the crown in anti-clockwise direction. As with all mechanical watches, you should avoid setting the date when the hour hand is anywhere between 9pm and 3am.

To set the time, pull the crown to the second click position. The second hand will stop when the crown is at this position. This feature allows for more precise time setting. Turning the crown in anti-clockwise direction will move the minute hand forward while turning it clockwise will move the minute hand backwards.

Below are some pictures of the movement with the crown facing different directions.

The watch comes on a handcrafted strap which is padded and made with genuine leather. It includes a set of quick release spring bars that makes it easier to change strap.

This is a very well made strap as you can see in the front and back photos below.

Diameter: 42mm excluding crown
Lug to lug: 47mm
Lug width: 22mm
Thickness: 12.7mm
Water resistance: 5 atm

The Aries Gold Odyssey is priced at SGD328.00 in Singapore and can be purchased at discounted price of SGD229.00.

I have been sponsored the cream dial variant and here are some pictures taken at work and at home.

Final thoughts:
This is the first time I handled a watch from Aries Gold and I am impressed by the design and build quality of this watch. Vintage inspired watch is very popular these days and the Aries Gold Odyssey certainly has some vintage elements going on. The parts used in this watch are very good as well. For SGD229, you get an automatic watch with a made in Japan movement, double domed Sapphire crystal, as well as a good quality leather strap with quick release spring bars.

Aries Gold Odyssey watches featured in this post can be purchased on Aries Gold’s website. In Singapore, Aries Gold watches are sold through H2 Hub and other authorized dealers.

Please visit the above sites to find out more.

Here are a few more pictures of the other variants.

Photos and text by Yeoman.

Thanks for viewing.

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