Orient Poseidon 300m from Brazil – Model# 469SS039

I picked up this Orient 300m diver from a local guy recently and have been wearing it for almost two weeks. This watch is only available in the Brazilian market and is nicknamed “Poseiden” by watch collectors there.

I wore it to two watch shops (Big Time and K2) that I frequent and have received some compliments on it. Here’s a quick review for you.

The first thing I noticed about the watch when I opened up the presentation box was its size. It is a big watch for sure with a diameter of 45mm excluding the crown. The 34mm diameter of the dial/crystal also make the watch look bigger.

Another thing about the watch is that it has a different case design compared to traditional style of the Orient Star 300m and Seiko Marinemaster that I have in my collection.

The dial is very legible because of the large hour markers. The use of green colored lume material contrasted very well with the black dial.

Below is a close up shot of the hands. I believe the hour and minute hands are not exactly the same as those of the Seiko Monster. The Monster hands are flat whereas the Orient’s hands have a folding line that gives them a 3D effect.

Here are the side profile shots. There are two fake bolts on each side of the case and only the one that is marked “He” is the Helium escape valve. The rest are probably for symmetry and the good thing is, they are quite small and are definitely far from being unsightly.

The watch has a slightly curved crystal as you can see in the side profile shots. According to Orient Brazil’s website, it is made of mineral glass.

In case you are not aware. The color on the bezel is red and black rather then the usual red and blue Pepsi combo.

The bezel action feels is a bit odd. It is way too easy to rotate even though I did not get a good grip due to the lack of knurlings on the edge. This is also the first time I encountered a bezel that has ninety clicks per round.

The lume pip glows like a bulb but it is protruding too high up, making it prone to accidental knocks.

The caseback design is quite plain. It has a simple ‘O’ logo at the center instead of the traditional Orient double lion crest. The basic info such as the model number, WR rating can be found on the caseback itself. However, I can’t seen to locate the serial number of the watch. Could it be engraved on the other side of the caseback?

The bracelet/rubber strap is attached to the lugs by two screws with allen head. This makes it quite cumbersome to change strap and you can’t avoid leaving tool marks on the screw heads each time you change the strap.

I still prefer fat spring bars with drilled through lugs.

Upon removing the bracelet, you will see that the whole 24mm space between the lugs is left unfinished. Fortunately, it is well hidden by the bracelet and rubber strap.

The watch comes with a nice strap with solid end links. However, it does not have the wet suit extension feature on it.

(Note: this is not the full length of the bracelet. Spare links removed by the previous owner are not shown in the picture)

The rubber strap is soft and very comfortable to wear. I believe it was custom made for the watch as it fits seamlessly into the lugs.

The watch has pretty bright lume compared to other Orient sports watches such as the Mako, Hogrider or Orient Sub. However, the Orient Star 300m diver is still the Orient with the brightest lume.

Here’s a quick cellphone lume shot that does not do justice to the watch.

55 thoughts on “Orient Poseidon 300m from Brazil – Model# 469SS039

  1. Hi, can e-mail me hw much did u paid for? And also hw could I find dis in the market if I’m interested in getting one… Don’t think I can find dis on Orient website… Thanks…


  2. Hi, if you compare it to your cheap Seiko divers Samurai and Sumo, how is the quality and finish of this Brazilian watch? Thanks!


    • Hi Mineirinho,

      It is quite difficult to decide which is better between the Orient Poseidon and the Seiko Sumo. Both watches have their strong and weak points.

      The Samurai imo is a step or two below the Poseidon.

      Best regards,


  3. I like it and saw this model once on WUS. Btw, Yeoman. This looks like a winner from Orient. Can I ask how can I purchase one too ?


  4. Hi,

    I’m interested in this watch too. seldom come across an 300m auto divers from Orient. Can email me how I can get this and the price? Thanks a lot!


    • Hi Ronald,

      This watch is only available in Brazil and there are only two ways you can get it.

      – find a seller in Brazil who ships internationally.
      – check the SCTP or other sales forums to see if anyone is selling his.

      Best regards,


  5. Hello everybody. I am a seller based in Brazil and I could get some units of this watch model. Let me know if anyone is interested.


    • Hi Daniel,

      Perhaps you can provide more information about business such as business name, etc. Customer references would be good as well.

      Best regards,


  6. Hello Yeoman.

    As a matter of fact, I have received a message from one person with whom I bought a watch from back in 2004. I am a watch collector and I don’t own a store or business. Yet, I do have an Ebay account since 2002 where I buy and sell from time to time. I know what it is when you want to buy something that is far and you can’t reach the place. Only way to send any personal references is via Ebay or other Brazilian websites where I have made any trade. Regards from brazil.


    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for offering your help. In case anyone wants to contact you, your email is: <email removed>.

      I advise anyone who wants to use your services to obtain and verify your personal references and ebay feedback as mentioned by you.

      Under no circumstances shall I be responsible for any financial loss incurred by you or any party who enters into a transaction after seeing this.

      Best regards,


  7. You are all welcome. The retai price of this watch goes from Brazilian R$699 to R$799.

    That is equivalent to U$400 to U$450. In my opinion it is kind of expensive for an Orient despite of the quality of the watch. It comes in a special leather outer box and has 2 versions: one with the red and black bezel and the other with the full black bezel.

    Should anyone be interested I may give a helping hand to get the watch in Brazil.

    Best regards for all,



    • I am glad to know. It was a pretty fast delivery. For those who are reading this for the first time, in my first post above I mentioned that I get to know this Blog because someone I have made business at Ebay searched for me here in Brazil to get one of this watches for him. So here I am and the watch is already in German. For those who may be interested, get in touch.

      Gerhard, thanks for your comments. I’ll get back to you via email. Dunk, Daniel


    • Hello gerhard !
      You own your poseidon for a couple of months now. How do you judge it in comparison with the famous seiko sumo for example ?
      Is this watch as great as i think it is ?
      Thx for your reply.


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  9. Hello, I am interested in this beautiful Orient Poseidon.
    I’m from Spain. Is there any possibility of
    get it?
    Thanks, greetings.


    • Hi Juan,

      You have to find someone in Brazil to purchase and ship to you or purchase a used one from sales forums under SCWF or Watchuseek.

      Best regards,


  10. Hello Juan Pedro.

    My name is Daniel and I live in Brazil. Should you like to use my services to get one Orient Poseidon from here get in touch at <email removed> I do speak Spanish too so if you like to write in Spanish feel free.

    Regards, Daniel


  11. That is true Thomas. I am here to help serious people and polite ones. People ask me: How can I get one? Sometime I feel like saying: “paying”.

    I have helped more than 5 persons already to get they’re Poseidon in Gemany, Belgium, USA, etc. All I can tell to anyone who wants to get one is that I can show my credentials as far as they do so too.

    As I said before, I do not have them in stock. I must order here in Brazil and I use the money people send me to buy the watches and post worldwide. The process is very simple. The watch has it’s floating cost due to dollar rate. I quote the price and shipping and we set the payment method. Once payment is made I get the watch shipped out in within 24hs. All I charge for myself is a fee for the service above the grand total.

    I must explain that because there are people with “very good faith” that write to me asking to first send the watch “so they can trust me ” and then pay.

    I am here to help but it cost a bit for me, what I charge. I could upload to Ebay but it would just make it more expensive.

    Anyway, I am still here for a while. Regards, Daniel

    In time: ther is no poseidon with blue dial. Black or Orange. Variations on Bezel ( all black or black and red). I kave pictures from tha watch and watch box and tools. How can I post it here?


    • Hello, are you still able to get any of the ORIENT DIVER WATCH 469SS039 300M POSEIDON in Black or Black/Red color. I’m very interested and would like to purchase one if you can find inventory on this watch.



      • Hi Brian,

        Daniel said he has stopped helping with purchase of this watch. I guess you have to look for it on ebay.

        PS: I removed your email in case some scammers email you using his name.

        Best regards,


    • Hi Daniel,

      I had your mail by one of the member of the dedicated watch forum I’m a member.

      I feel free to send you an email to see if you could help me to find a Poseidon for shipping to France.

      I hope I don’t disturb you.

      Thanks a lot for your reply as soon as you can (no hurry).



  12. Dear Thomas,

    Today I am here to ask you a favor. Please, if you can, remove my email from this page. Too many people sending offensive messages. I am not riponsible if people need to pay expensive shipping for an over 1 KG package with insurance, pay they’re country custom taxes, fees for sending money and the fee I charge above actual watch and shipping costs. Besides that, people keep asking me for guarantees to receive the watch. I say that I could sell via Ebay as far as they afford the costs involved. I could take Paypal for people with over 50 transactions at Paypal (assuming they will afford the fees charged to me) or WU Money Transfer, which costs 5% more too.

    So, I cannot help people to avoid shipping, customs, safety, etc. Even Ebay is not safe at all. So, as I lost my temper with what I believe must be a kid from France, I have decided not to offer my help here anymore. That’s really funny.

    Should you like to get in touch in private write to me and I will show you some messages I have received that made me come into this decision. Also I can show you the postage proof of some watches.

    Sorry but I don’t want to loose my temper with anyone. It was my mistake to post my email here.

    Thanks, with my best regards, Daniel

    ps: Richard, feel free to contact me. This do not apply to you.


    • Dear Daniel,

      Postage, shipping materials, insurance, own country’s taxes, fund transfer fees and middleman’s fees are standard costs involved when importing a watch from another country. Many people including myself incur and pay for such costs when purchasing collectible JDM watches from Japan auction sites. I don’t see why people need to complain. You are also doing the right thing by not under declaring the value of the item shipped.

      As a relatively unknown guy outside Brazil, there are bound to be people who are skeptical about sending money to you. That cannot be helped but you need to protect yourself against scammers too. It is unfortunate that your bad experience with this French guy has led you to stop providing your service.

      As requested, I have removed your email address from this page.

      Best regards,


    • Thanks Daniel !

      One minute, I think I was the kid you were talking about ! 😉

      We stay in contact, I’ll try to confirm my order to you ASAP.




  13. Hi Thomas.

    Yes, I know it should be different. I am used to buy and trade worldwide. At first all I wanted was to help someone to get something hard to get as far as most Brazilian’s stores do not sellinternational. I know how frustrating it is, as a watch lover, when you find what you want and can’t get it because the store do not ship.

    Of course I am aware that no one should send money to me or any unknown guy offering help or services at a blog. To check the “risk” and background of the person is by far usual and needed. But there are many ways you can do that in a polite way. And above all people should keep in mind that they are asking someone’s information. If they think in the end it is not worth or don’t feel safe, just say “thanks”. I have hubdreds of transactions made, including those at ebay, which in my opinion, is not safe at all too.

    Anyway, it’s allright. And Richard, no it was not you I was refering to in France. It was another person as far as you have identified yourself only as Richard, right?

    Hey folks, good luck to get the Poseidon for those who will try.

    My best wishes for all of you and a special kind regard for all those nice guys I got to know thru this Blog.



    • Hi Daniel,

      Don’t let your bad experience affect your mood. I think what you are doing is very fair and I will definitely seek your help if there is an Orient watch in Brazil that I need to purchase in future.

      Best regards,







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  16. Hello, Is anyone still monitoring this thread? If so, and if you know where I could find a Poseidon as pictured, please advise. Cheers!


  17. guys you will find this watch at netclok dot com dot br easely or at time fox same adress. i not a seller just saying ’cause i know how is frustrating want to have and dont find to buy. good luck


  18. Dear Yeoman
    I’m looking for a Poseidon as a lot of people in yr blog….
    I wrote directly to Orient brazil without reply .
    It’s impossible to find ……
    where can I try….?
    best regards


  19. I came across this post when looking for nice rubber strap to be fitted to my Orient X STI II. Since with rubber strap, it will be more durable and less problem with sweat for daily wear. Do you think it can fit?


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