New Seiko Turtle – SRPC23K / SRPC25K

The Seiko Turtle is my favourite 4R based 200m Seiko diver and so far, I have purchased several colour variants that I like. This time, Seiko has released two more variants, the SRPC23K and SRPC25K. Both variants use the same case and the only things that changed is the dial and/or the bezel. The SRPC23K has a grey sunburst dial while the SRPC25K has a blue/black dial that is similar to the Rolex Deepsea (D-Blue) except the colour goes from black to blue and back to black horizontally.

Here’s a picture of the SRPC25K. I think this kind of blue/black gradient dial is probably made popular by Rolex due to the Deepsea Sea Dweller.

I bought the SRPC23K because it has a grey sunburst dial similar to the recent 62MAS reisue, SBDX019. Compared the the black dialed SRP777, the grey dial on the SRPC23K looks a little more classy and has more contrasting effect.

The SRPC23K was released at the right time because I got a Tropic strap from recently and it is a perfect match for the watch. The grey dial has a vintage feel that goes very well with the Tropic strap.

There are many reviews of the Seiko Turtle on the Net so I shall not review it here. Below are some freshly taken smartphone photos for your viewing pleasure.

8 thoughts on “New Seiko Turtle – SRPC23K / SRPC25K

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  3. Hi Yeoman,

    I just chanced upon your excellent short review of the SRPC23K and 25K and am pretty tempted by that marvelous semi-glossy (or semi-matte?) blue dial finish that Seiko has been known for decades. 🙂

    I have not been following Seiko’s new offerings since my last SRP789K “Coke Turtle” purchase back in 2015 and am surprised to see the new additions to the “Turtle” lineup. Even more astounding is that Seiko has been making a lot of new 4R36 models that they quickly ran out of digits for their reference codes – it was SRP777K three years ago and now they have to use “SRPC” today!

    I have a quick question actually: Is your SRP777 a grey market variant and did you purchase locally in Singapore? I noted that it has “Made in Japan” printed at the bottom of the dial (as with the grey import, SKX007J) and am wondering if it’s the export version for the Middle East market. Does it have an English/Arabic day language on the calendar wheel?

    Thanks and more power to you! 🙂


      • Thanks for the clarification, Thomas.

        I am surprised that Seiko is still marketing the “special” J versions to the Middle East, as it is the only market in this world that requests the Arabic calligraphy as the secondary language. I thought Seiko had ceased this practice sometime back and consolidated the Middle East market into the international market.

        Am I correct to assume that the warranty that is issued for the “J” model does not come from Thong Sia, but from the seller, like the Mustafa dept store instead?

        BTW, is the orange dialed SKX011J still available in SG or has this uncommon model been phased out a long time ago? I haven’t been to Singapore for the past 7 years and I guess a lot had taken place since I was last there. 🙂


        • My SRP777J has Arabic/English day language. Warranty is provided by the shop since it is not from Thong Sia. Not sure if SKX011J is still in production. The last time I saw a brand new one was a year ago.


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