SOMES X Orient Star Semi-skeleton – DK02002F

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle the international edition Orient Star SOMES (DK02002F). There are three colour variants of this model available in the Japanese market but only two were made available in the international market. The other variant besides the green one shown above would be the black dialled (DK02001B)

The watch has a diameter of 44mm and is designed to be rugged so as to match its 4mm thick leather strap. It is equipped with sapphire crystal and a movement comes with hack and handwind functions.

On the dial, we have the power reserve indicator at the 12 o’clock and second hand sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position. At 9 o’clock is an opening where you can see part of the movement.

This model comes with a green sunburst dial and the sub-dials are all textured.

Lug shots:

Below is the caseback shot. From pictures of the JDM variants that I have seen online, I notice that unlike the previous models (Retrograde, GMT, Semi-skeleton and Classic), this time round they came with the same rotor as the international models. This means there should be no cosmetic difference between the JDM and the international versions.

According to Orient’s website, the strap is made from bridle leather. The production process involves tanning and coating its surface with wax. From cutting to stitching, every aspect of the strap is handmade.

The strap when brand new felt stiff when I tried it on. However, I believe it would become softer and softer with frequent use.

Here are some pictures of the strap.

Diameter: 44mm excluding crown
Lug width: 21mm
Thickness: 12.10mm
Water resistance: 10 bar

Orient Star SOMES DK02002F featured in this post is provided by

483 Sims Avenue,
Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

14 thoughts on “SOMES X Orient Star Semi-skeleton – DK02002F

  1. I just bought one last saturday in japan and believe it or not i got the JDM piece which is not available in international market. I just figured out that this piece of watch are collaborated product with famous bridle leather maker and it has a handwind as well.


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  3. Hi there. Is there is difference between the SDK02002F and the WZ0121DK? Or are they the same model for different markets? Also does this watch with the green dial come with a black or dark brown strap? I am thinking of getting one but I can’t seem to tell from images the colour of the strap. Thanks!


  4. I got the black dial version with tan leather strap, i ordered it from Skywatches located in Singapore. This timepiece is impressive, most 38.5, 39mm watches look too small for me, this watch @ 44mm is really spot on.

    The build quality is awesome, its to believe you can get so much quality of finish + detail, also such a finely hand crafted Some’s 4mm leather strap.
    “Great value for money”


  5. I only just got me a new SDK02001B in black dial & tan leather Somes’ strap, it keeps accurate time ‘near COSC spec’ am getting 5 sec fast per day. The quality of it’s build is of a high standard considering it sub $1000.00 price point, it a amazingly beautiful watch ‘thanks for your reviews ‘Yeoman’ they helped with pulling the trigger on my piece.


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