100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Presage – SRP385J

Which Seiko watch is Seiko fans in Singapore buying these days? Answer is the SRP385J, a limited edition Presage model. This watch is powered by the 4R36 movement and comes with flat sapphire crystal. It’s dial will remind you of the 1913 Laurel, the first wrist watch made by Seiko.

Before I show you more pictures of the SRP385J, here’s a picture of the 1913 Laurel taken by me at the Seiko 130th Anniversary exhibition in Singapore.

Below is a close up dial shot of the SRP385. Notice that the 12 o’clock numeral is in red which is the same as the 1913 Laurel shown in the picture above. This watch will also remind you of the SARX011, a JDM model that is powered by the 6R15 movement and comes with white enamel dial. The SRP385J however, does not come with enamel dial.

Here’s the side profile showing the signed crown. The case design is very similar to the SARX11. However, I can’t confirm if they are exactly the same.

Watch comes with display back. There’s a red coloured ring and the words “Limited Edition” printed on the glass. As you can see, it is limited to 1500 pieces.

Here are the hang tags that came with the watch. It has a list price of SGD555 in Singapore.

Diameter: 40mm
Thickness: 13mm
Lug width: 20mm

Here are all the variants in this series. Left to right: SRP385J, SRP387J and SRP389J. Each model is limited to 1500 pieces and apparently, the white dialed SRP385J is more popular as it has the same dial colour as the 1913 Laurel.

Important Notice
If you see sales ads on the Internet that include a link to this post, please be aware that I’m not the seller behind these ads and I’m not in any way related to them. Some people misread them and thought I’m the seller. No, I am not.

I welcome private sellers to link to my blog but please state clearly that the link is for information only. Thank you.

58 thoughts on “100 Years of Watchmaking Limited Edition Presage – SRP385J

    • I believe most of the SRP385J’s in SG have been snapped up by now. Was at Bencoolen last Friday evening and saw only the black dialed variant at Wins Watch and 3D Trading. Not sure if they are still available.


    • Hello guys, I saw the white dial selling at H… Watch at Bras Basah Complex today..its indeed a very nice and elegant piece, but i am sad to say that shop selling it had doubled the original retail price and tag it as their retail price. Even with their usual discount, it would still be very much higher than its suppose to be.

      However, since it has became a collectors’ piece, it should be expected.


  1. Brought the watch today and it is my first Seiko. Saw the blue and black dial variant as well and like the blue too.


  2. 1500 limited edition , i can see they will be sold out fast . Lovely clean dial with styling that pays homage to the Seiko Laurel of past , nice pieces .


  3. Amazing pictures of a beautiful watch!
    Are these beauties limited to Singapore?
    I’ve been searching everywhere and I can’t seem to find any information other than this blog post, and I would LOVE to get one before they sell out.


    • No, it is not limited to Singapore alone. My neighboring countries, as well as Hong Kong and China should have it as well. Not sure about US and Europe though.


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  5. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for you review. I saw it in person after reading your review and . . .just like you, I couldn’t resist it!

    The build quality is spot on and with a classic dial, the appeal will remain for a long time to come!

    Thanks and best regards!

    The Flyin Scotsman


  6. I’d like to receive a link too, since I am in Europe and would like to buy one. Thanks in advance for your collaboration.


    • I found several korean websites selling this watch, but til now I didn’t find a way how I could get into contact with these stores by mail. There’s also one site from Thailand, but again I don’t understand nothing…
      Anyone could help me?


      • I have no experience with Korean sites but I think you need to figure out how to create an account and what payment methods they accept. But first, you thing need to know is — do they even ship overseas?


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  8. Hi Thomas,
    Today I was lucky to catch a glimpse of blue version of the watch in a retail watch store in Moscow (Russia). And now I’m a happy owner of it (#0311 out of 1500). 🙂
    Thank you for the good review of the watch.


      • Bought mine today, SRP389, beautiful black variant. Wanted a white faced watch, but the shop only had on piece left, black. It is so beautiful that I got it. Shop refused to give discounts because it is limited edition. I was told I bought one of the last four in Singapore.. now only three left in Singapore. I have a beautiful serial number too.

        I hope the last three finds an owner. I believe the timepiece with faithful servicing will last for a really long time like the original Laurel, perhaps the next hundred years? The time piece is on par with many expensive Swiss luxury watch models of the same category. The watch looks expensive, luxurious, very refined detailing and certainly well built.

        The only two things that are missing is the anti-reflection coating on the Sapphire most Swiss luxury watches have, and the design that obscure the date and day at 3.15 – this design perhaps reduced the price point of the watch. And I believe could otherwise sell the watch, equally well, for a much higher price if the design was better.

        In short, the watch looked and felt like much higher end luxury watch from Japan, German or Swiss. Feels natural on the wrist, very easy to read and puts you in a class higher wearing them to important functions.

        If you happen to star at this LE watch in a shop in Singapore… at this date, you bet the watch you are looking at is one of the three left.. and you won’t be wrong to own it.

        I like the watch and certainly will be wearing it for many years to come.


  9. Hi all I manage to find one Black SRP389J as well, after going through many shops, not sure how many pieces are still available in Singapore, the shop had one piece and grab it when i saw it. love it!


  10. i have the blue one. I have a question, is the white one has a brushed case or a polished case? the blue one is fully polished and it looked so shiny…I wish it were brushed or satin but I bought it anyway because of the laurel dial.


  11. Feel great reading your review . I made a right choice i got white and blue one 3 months ago and thought they were just normal limited edition, no relationship with Seiko’s 100 anniversary.


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  13. Beautifull Watch! A remarkable example of how balanced simplicity – nothing is exaggerated – irresistibly attracts the eye.
    I own several Seiko automatic watches; I really love them, but this one really outnumbers them all!


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