Watch shops that I have bought from

I often receive e-mails from people asking me where to purchase Japanese watches in Singapore. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to reply them. Here, I would like to list out the shops that I have bought from and in future, I will just refer people to this post.

There are three major places to purchase Japanese watches in Singapore. They are The Bencoolen, Bras Basah Complex (pictured above) and People’s Park Complex. Here are the shops I have patronized (past and present).

K2 Watch Co.

A watchmaker who repairs and services Japanese and Swiss watches. This shop also carries Seiko watches (mainly Seiko divers, Presage and Seiko 5 models) from the distributor as well as from parallel importer. I have been getting my Seiko watches here in recent years. Besides watches, K2 has a wide range of affordable leather straps and NATO straps.

Location: 845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #03-K1, Singapore 400845


This is another shop that I frequent. As you can see in the picture, Twinkle is a authorized Citizen dealer. You can find a wide range of Citizen watches including eco-drive and automatic models. Twinkle is also a Seiko and Casio dealer. For Seiko, you will find Seiko Presage, Seiko 5 and plenty of Seiko divers here. For Casio, they have G-Shock, Baby G and other quartz models.

Location: 1 Park Road, People’s Park Complex #02-33, Singapore 059108

All Watches (Chinatown Point)

All Watches carries entry level and mid tier Swiss watches such as Ball, Rado, Longines, Oris and Tudor. I bought an Oris and a Tudor from here. Like most luxury watch boutiques, you need to have a good purchase history with them in order to get better discount.

Location: 133 New Bridge Road, #01-21, Chinatown Point. Singapore 059413

Wins United Watches

This shop is located in The Bencoolen. Here you will find Seiko, Citizen, Orient (including Orient Star) and Casio/G-Shock watches. I have purchased two Frogmans from here. They are the biggest G-Shock dealer in The Bencoolen.

Location: 180 Bencoolen Street, The Bencoolen #01-37, Singapore 189646

H2 Hub (Parkway Parade)

This shop is near my workplace and has a good range of Seiko watches including Sportura and Premier models. You can also find Citizen and Casio/G-Shock watches here. I got my G-Shock’s from here as well.

Location: 80 Marine Parade, Parkway Parade #B-101, Singapore 449269

Update: This H2 Hub outlet has ceased operation on 30th April 2014.

Prestige Time/Kwang Guan Watch and Pen

These two shops are located at Bras Basah Complex and are owned by the same owners. I bought most of my Seiko and Citizen watches here when I started collecting watches many years ago. You will find a good range of Seiko, Citizen, Orient and Casio/G-Shock watches here. They only carry watches that are distributed by the authorized distributors.

Location: Block 231 Bain Street, Bras Basah Complex #01-25 (and #01-37), Singapore 180231

Other shops I have bought from:

Excellent Watch
Bought a Seiko Kinetic from here many years. Service was excellent and price okay. They carry Seiko, Alba and Citizen watches from the respective distributors. No parallel imported watches in this shop.

Location: 3 Coleman Street, #01-24, Peninsula Shopping Centre. Singapore 179804

Mustafa Centre
This is a huge Indian departmental store. Bought Seiko watches here many years ago. This place carries Japanese watches from authorized distributor as well as parallel imported sources. I believe you will find full range of local market models and models from other markets here.

Location: 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704

King Wah Watch and Pen
Bought Seiko watches from here in the early to mid 2000s. Price was good and payment was cash only. Owner did not like to entertain people who go there to try on the watches. This shop used to be located in Peninsula Plaza but has to has shifted to Peninsula Shopping Centre across the street. I have not been to the new shop. (Update on 18th Dec 2014: This shop has ceased operation)

Location: 3 Coleman Street, #01-03, Peninsula Shopping Centre, Singapore 179804

124 thoughts on “Watch shops that I have bought from

  1. Singapore is a paradise for watch lovers, I have bougth 3 Seikos made in Japan in SkyWatches by Internet, they have excellent service and fair prices, very efficientt, and of course in Doxa Watches as well, that is dials and hands for modification of other Seikos.Excellent products and service. Thnk you for your very informative artucle.
    My best regards from Mexico.. Jose Casas


  2. Amazing list Thomas!
    As it turns out, I frequent the same places to purchase my largely Seiko & Citizen collections.
    I still visit Kwan Guan Watch @ Bras Basah Complex often & I have made friends with them (Jack, his sister Adeline, & their salesperson Nicole). They are indeed very nice people!
    The lady at Twinkle Electronics, Jennifer, is also very approachable & patient. I find they carry a good selection of Citizen watches & for those who love to buy the occasional older models, this is a good place to go to find them, at one of the best prices I know for Citizens too!


    Here in the San Francisco Bay Area there is not much other than the local mall jewlrey shops and the small luxury shops that sell all the high end Omegas, Rolex, Panerai etc.

    You are a lucky man Thomas! 🙂


  4. I spent 2mths in Singapore between Oct -Dec 2012 , i visted countless watch stores . Mr Goh @ K2 done me the best deal on a Seiko wall clock , Thong Sia Seiko boutique on Bideford rd i purchased Seiko’s at this store , the girls @TS offered the best service i recieved in Singapore “IMO” . I enjoyed my daily look , see Singapore touring with watch store vists inc in my daily itinerary , from the awesome stores @ The Shops at Marina Bay Sands , to little stores with great service like Big Time on 483 Sims Ave “Daryl Chang” given exellent service . H2 Hub @ Serangoon “Nex Mall” the manager “Steven” was very polite & keen to price match any genuine deal , Vivo city has a nice but small Seiko boutique & many various other watch stores . City Chain & Vincent watch stores are all over Singapore , also the many Shops on Orchard rd , like @ Takashima or Paragon , Lucky Plaza , its endless .l so much enjoy visting Singapore , its a watch buyers paradise .
    Thanks Thomas for your review , it makes me feel like am back in Singapore again .

    MIKER .


    • Hi Miker,

      Looks like you had a great time in Singapore checking out our watch shops. You must have visited every corner of our little island. The watch shops you mentioned sound familiar to me. Thanks for sharing you experience.



  5. ^^
    Yeh “Thomas” i went North , South , East , West several times over , the amount of watch stores in Singapore is awesome . I heard Thong Sia , Bideford rd closed its retail Seiko boutique down . Is Harbour front’s “Vivo city” the only Seiko boutique now ? Or did Thong Sia relocate its Bideford showroom elsewhere ? I know TS relocated its service centre & main office to 50 Kallang ave , but no mention of its showroom re-opening @ the new location . Also the many fine watch shops @ Suntek City werent open on my last vist to SG due to renovations .

    MIKER .


  6. You always buy your Seiko locally? Ever buy in Japan or import from Japan? Wonder how much price difference if I buy in Japan for the same model. I ever bought a Japanese only model Citizen with sapphire crystal in Japan for only $130.


    • When I first started collecting Seiko watches, the JDM models are not available locally and I had to buy from sites like SeiyaJapan and Higuchi-inc. As they became more and more popular, some local watch shops started importing them and it became convenient to buy locally.

      Price may be slightly higher but I get to inspect the watch before buying and it saves me the hassle of having to wait at home for the postman. I also get local warranty if I buy locally.


  7. Hi, this is just a warning to guys thinking of going to prestige time to fix their watch. 2 mths back, I sent my nautica watch to service with them as it was going haywire , timing is off and all that. Once I hand over my watch to them, was told that they sent all their watches to a third party, out sourcing their repairs thus it will take up to 2 weeks to be the end I waited 1 month. Collected my watch. Seems to fix the problem, but when I brought it back I realize that somehow my crowning was damaged in the process as before I hand over to them it was in tip top condition. Brought back the next day, they deny responsibility for the damage , I told them , it was fine when I send it to them, they insisted that I will have to pay extra just to fix the crown they damage. I was like what? Then I stated that they even gave me a warranty of 3 mths right after I collect the day before , then they stated its not part of the warranty ! In the end , after much arguments they decided to keep my watch to try and repair again. Another mth passed. Called them, that fella asked me to pay for the crown again because they have not yet start to fix my watch yet. I demand an explanation, tell me it’s the problem with the repair dept not them . Argue for a long while. He in the end make it seems like they are doing me a favor for by absorbing the cost for the damage. Anyway I already paid the full payment for the servicing of my watch when I received my watch from them for the first time.guess I have to wait another month again. Be warned guys.


  8. HI, I am planning to buy a Seiko watch for my husband as a gift. Which one can you recommend? Is the solar type ok? He wants like a chronograph kind of watch. thanks in advance. 😉


  9. Hi,
    Today I bought a male silver casio watch at Kwang Guan. I needed to buy an ex-change gift for my colleague and 3 staff attended to me; a young lady, a middle aged woman and the boss (I gussesed). They were truly very helpful and the boss gave me a very good price @$32!! I will recommend this shop to people and will go back again if I need to buy watches.


  10. Dear Sir,
    I will be in Singapore next week. Any recommendation on getting a reasonable-priced SEIKO Monster “The Fang”. Since I have a very limited free time, where would you think I should go?

    Best Regards,



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  12. Just my 2-cents, I’ve visited & purchase my SEIKO, Citizen n Casio from many of the shops Thomas mentioned. King Wah Watch now known as A3Cube at Peninsular Shopping, Andy offers good prices for SEIKO & Orient. K2 Mr. Goh is about the best watch service guy I’ve experienced. Pretty honest guy & if he sees a watch beyond him, he would tell you upfront.
    And had bad experience with a shop at Bras Basah Complex similar as Kayl.
    Guess how the words category, good, bad & ugly came about …..

    Well, never allow the bad & ugly to spoil your beloved interest or hobby, work with The Good Guys.



  13. Looking for a Seiko 6105-8000 ‘Proof’ – mine was stolen in 1974. Looking to replace it now. Any leads I would appreciate.


  14. Hi there,

    My aunty passed me her old Seiko ladies watch and it needs to be fixed. She bought a cheap battery and it corroded inside and it need fixing. This watch only cost 200-300 then and if the servicing cost more than its probably not worth getting it ya?

    by the way, where can i bring it to fix? could you kindly recommend someone reliable and not too expensive please

    thank you in advance 🙂


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  16. Thank you for the tips (also the reviews).

    I made it to Wins United watches and picked up a Orient star classic and a Mako XL. Also met a very nice local guy who helped out with some of the translation and bargaining, he too wore the classic! Hopefully I can come back to Singapore again, there is much more to see and many more watches to shop for.



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      • hi, Buy your watch at Mustaffa Center in Singapore. It is cheap and have more selection. I used to buy from the export corner. The watches dont carry any warranty but it is cheaper. So far none of the watches have break down and I save by not paying for the warranty.


  18. been to K2. even he cannot fix my seiko watch for 5 years. i wear it for sports, doing construction works and sad to see it go flat.


  19. Hi, after reading your blog, i felt so inspired to get a nice Seiko watch! Hence I head down to Brash Basah Presitge Time just now and got a JDM SRP5291J1. Service was acceptable though abit pressured to buy on the spot. i guess the price I paid was a bit higher than other places (I only checked online reviews & discounted prices after the purchase, greenhorn haiz…) . Still its a decent watch..


  20. Hi, great guide for watch shopping spots in Singapore. I will be sure to visit some of those stores when I have a stopover holiday there in December 2014.

    Would you know if any of the stores you frequent have for sale the recently released CITIZEN Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100 watches? Model CC2006-53E or CC2001-57A? I am quiet keen on getting one if I can find one in Singapore.



  21. hi, i’m looking for a SEIKO Neo Classic watch with Model No: SNDW48P1. Do you have any idea which shop i should visit on my coming trip to Singapore? Thanks….!!


  22. Hi, thanks so much for this post. I found it after googling the keywords : ‘where to buy casio at the bencoolen singapore’. Hopefully I got the time to buy Casio watches during my trip to Singapore, this weekend 🙂


  23. I have been patronizing King Wah later known as Acube for more than a decade. Always thought that the boss Andy is a honest man who he claimed that he brother sold his his shop at Peninsula Plaza without his acknowledgement (his side of the story).

    Early last year, I send my beloved Seiko Scuba Diver SLD005P for him to send to Tong Sia to repair as 1 of the needle came off. After several months, I have been asking him on the status of my watch and he claimed that still with Tong Sia until early this year (more than 8 months).

    It was until Jan 2015, i noticed that his shop is not doing well and I demanded him to get me back my watch or I will get it personally from Tong Sia. After that he told me the watch is with him and the repair cost is $500+. I text him for the receipt and he didn’t reply until I went down to his shop and realized it was closed down.

    I immediately called him and he told me that my watch is already packed into the cartons and its with in a relative’s place and they have went aboard and be back end Jan. I trusted him, gave him more time and told him that make sure he don’t disappear after that.

    After the deadline given to him until to end Jan 2015, I called him several times and he didn’t pick up , send him text on whatapps, he read it but never reply at all. I have been calling and sending him several text a day until today (12/02/2015) and no news from him…

    I am really disappointment that he took my trust for granted and the watch is of much sentimental value to me….

    Can anyone advise what I should do? I still have all the records of the text I sent to him.
    I just want my watch back and if anyone can tell me where to get him, I will reward the person for it.

    Thanks for reading my long text.

    p.s. Mr Andy, if you read this text, I hope you can give me back a call and i will listen to your explanation.


    • Hi Derek,

      Sorry to hear about this. Why is he holding on to your watch which costs $500+ to repair? Any normal dealer would have returned it to you and get paid asap.

      Since he is ignoring your calls and messages, I think you should go ahead and make a police report.

      Hope that you will get you watch back asap. Keep me posted.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh dear..
        hope u can get ur watch back soon…

        I didnt know Acube is closed until i went down to peninsula ytd..
        i had brought 3 watches from him already and is planning to get one more. Is sad to hear his shop is closed..


        • Had called and sent him several SMS and texts and no reply from him. He even blocked my mobile number. Such dishonest merchant and even tell me stories and tales that my watch still with Tong Sia until he disappears… Anyone can get/link me to him, I will reward the person $500 Singapore dollars.

          Be careful to get watches from him as there are regulars customers who complained that he had sold them fake Swiss watches like AP, Tag Heuer etc.

          Disappointed with such merchant and I have been buying watches in bulk from him over a decade….. spoils the good name of King Wah (previous shop name) that his Father left down….


  24. Hi yeo. do you know where can i get fiftyfive fathoms in sg? hope to see a boutique with lots of different FFF designs and with unbeatable prices. or any online you could intro me too?


  25. This win’s watch never gave a receipt. They said if 30% discount cannot gave receipt. Please tell to owner about this matter. Or the owner itself ask to do this kind of work? Who knows. I feel they cheated me. If this watch got problem, I’m sure I’ll go to police to report this matter.


    • Which watch did you buy? Some brands are very strict on discount. I understand that some retailers do this if they offer more than the allowed discount. I think this is to protect themselves.


  26. Hi, I’ve been following your blog for years now. Thanks for the amazing write-ups and pics. Help me to decide on a lot of watches. Anyway i need some help here, will be getting a Seiko SARB033 from big time soon but i understand that they don’t carry accessory black leather seiko strap. Any idea where i can get them in Singapore?


  27. Hi there. Great blog you got here. I’m looking for a Seiko SKX007. Do you have any recommendation which store I should go to? And is the Japanese one superior than the international one? I think the type is SKX007J vs SKX007K. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Look forward to your reply.


  28. Hi Hi chanced upon your website. Recently I found a seiko watch at home. Doesn’t look that modern And new but im interested to find out about the origins.hi, i read online that seiko watches have 6 serial numbers. i can only see 5.20840 v faintly inscribed at the back. Is this normal or is this a fake?
    characteristics of watch – diamond Brown faced, metal strap, seiko automatic 21 jewels. at the 6pm mark, it has the words japan6119 -5420T. Hope to hear from yoU!
    In not good with watches but I like the design. Whether fake or not I will just continue to wear it.


  29. Hi, is it normal for my seiko watch. Ssc141p1, cal. V172 to be able to hear ticking sound of the second hand when I put it close to my ear. Does it happen to other watches as well?


  30. Prestige Time/Kwang Guan Watch and Pen
    Block 231 Bain Street, Bras Basah Complex #01-25 (and #01-37), Singapore 180231
    Does anyone know if the above company has an online website, so l can order a seiko or citizen watch. I have tried to fine one, but have been unable to.
    If not, what is the best website to order from in Singapore, who sells authentic watches.
    Many thanks,


  31. Hi, I have been following your blog for awhile. I’m interested in getting a JDM model Sarb035 from online shop such as Seiya Japan or shoppinginjapan. Any idea if their so called international warranty applies to Thong Sia Singapore?


  32. Hi! Will be traveling through Singapore and Malaysia shortly. Can anyone please tell me where I can purchase an authentic Victorinox I.N.O.X Naimakka (Paracord strap) Item number: 241726.1 watch??


  33. Hi, I know nuts about Orient watches but my boyfriend has a huge interest in them and I’m planning to get him one for his birthday. He prefers an automatic watch with the leather straps. Preferably something below $400. Which models would recommend me to get? Thank you for your help!


  34. I’m hoping to head on over to Singapore soon so will be great to check out a few of these shops. Thanks for the tips.


  35. Hi, do you know any watch shop that services quartz model seiko? Just went to k2 and mr goh says he doesn’t do servicing. Thanks!


  36. Thank you, Yeoman, for this useful and informative post! It is heartening to see people offer advice wihout getting rewarded.
    Regarding the same topic, I would like to let all watch lovers out there know about my bad experience. I bought a Seiko baby tuna diver’s 200 m from Gift Of Time at level one, The Bencoolen (a small shop facing the escalator to the basement), this Jan (In all, 3 watches since last year). The price, I discovered later, was not cheaper than at Thong Sia.The staff assured me that the watch is covered by Thong Sia for 1 year, hence the price. But this is not my point. When the watch started to fog even in an SBS Transit bus in April I got worried. When I send it in for a check up at Thong Sia, I was immediately refused. Reason? I shocked that it was a parallel imported unit! So at that dark moment I realised that all these while I’ve been duped into paying full price for parallel imported sets! Not only were the staff dishonest thrice, they sold their watches at retail price. Please do not patronise from them! You have been warned!
    The Thong Sia staff also warned that purchasing from online shops is risky, as the watches may be counterfeit. I was lucky, she said, that my diver’s watch is genuine. It cpuld have been worse. By the way, she said that all Thong Sia watches are sold at 10 % off. I should have made all my purchases from them all these time.


  37. I am writing based on personal experience I had at Kwang Guan. I was looking around for a watch. Just looking with little intention to buy. So I went to the abovementioned shop because I read this post. I was led in and the moment I had said the watch looked nice. The salesperson (a young lady) tried to sell me the watch. I said I would consider, then after asking my budget, called the boss to come over. Then there was some sales pitch and price slashing. In the end I bought the watch, but was greatly stressed in the process. I felt I had bought the watch under great pressure rather than my personal wanting of the watch. Even though I was given a (in his words, substantial) discount, I felt cheated into buying nonetheless. After I brought it home and inspected it, I found some alignment issues with the watch. Went back the next day, but couldn’t get a refund nor exchange since there wasn’t a second watch of the same design (the shop also doesn’t allow exchanges in any case). I ended up back at square one. While I appreciate his professional after-care service, I thought I should warn others of the initial hard sales tactics whereby it was so difficult for me to even leave the shop even though my intention was just to browse. I will not recommend this shop because of the bad experience I had. Pardon me if I sound harsh. Unless you already know which watch you want (probably a good place for discount), do not go there if you are uncertain about your choice!!


  38. Hi Thomas,

    I’ll go to singapore this December. I’m searching for orient watches. Could you recommend me which store has the most complete model in singapore because I only have 2 days in singapore could not to every store you notice above.



  39. I am looking for seiko diver watch(200m) that’s made in Japan the one which states 21 sapphire on e watch face. Any ideal where can I purchase and how much is e market price?


      • Thank you , I have the older model, and now Citizen worldwide do not have the sealing gasket for this model so basically it is useless for diving , the JP-2000 can still be serviced and I see a few brand new on eBay, but I need one prompt as going to dive in Indonesia and passing S’pore on the way.


        • I have the older model too circa 1993-4 and no one will touch my watch even Citizen UK will not service it, perform a battery change or reseal it.
          I believe they no longer make or stock the parts as it was discontinued a very long time ago.
          My main problem with the watch is that it drains the battery for the analogue hands really quick whilst the digital still runs off a separate battery cell.
          however the analogue hands are dead after a few weeks and a few months later the digital part starts to fade then dies.
          All cells were replaced at the same time and all were brand new “Renata”.
          so I have a watch that I cant dive with and after changing the batteries it will be half dead followed by complete death after a few months.
          Gutted really as it was a 21st birthday present from my mum and dad unfortunately dad sadly passed away 3 years ago and the back of the watch is in engraved.


  40. Hi, I enjoyed reading your posts. Please keep up the work !
    Would like to seek your advice, where would you recommend me to get an authentic Seiko SKX009J ?
    I been looking online, which has very cheap price, but worry about warranty as it doesn’t have a physical store. What’s your thoughts?


  41. Hi Yeoman,

    I follow your advice where to find good deals on buying good Seiko JDM watches in singapore and i just bought Seiko divers watch model no. SPB053J1 last April 2018 at Prestige Time located at Bras Basah Complex and i had a good bargain to their boss/owner, they are very accommodating & very patient when dealing with customer.. 🙂

    Thanks Yeoman for your post/article very helpful for Seiko JDM Watches enthusiast.




  42. Hi Yeoman,
    I want to buy Seiko diver soon, I searched and found that Skywatches is giving a good price. Is it possible that it is parallel importer item and not original inside?


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