Pictures of my Golgo 13 SBBN023

I bought a Golgo 13 SBBN023 when it was released last year but have yet to post pictures. I have posted cellphone pictures of a specimen that belongs to a friend though.

So, here are some quick pictures of my SBBN023. This is my third SBBN model after the 015 and 017.

Here’s the back shot. As you can see, some of the black coating came off due to regular use.

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16 thoughts on “Pictures of my Golgo 13 SBBN023

  1. Thanks for posting these photos, I’ve been stalking this watch ever since it was released, but I’m a bit disappointed that some of the coating on yours have worn off. I guess it’s regular PVD and not at least IP? Still waiting to see Seiko’s application of DLC coating. I’ve always known that blackened cases will be like this especially with the glossy paint, but I’ve liked this watch too much and knowing it chips easily made me cringe a little.


  2. I would annoyed about chunk of the black coming off like that, i have owned PVD watches and whilst they do show signs of wear, i have never had such a large piece come off!


  3. Great purchase! Will complement the 015 really well. Can you post a photo comparing to Darth tuna? Would love to see how they compare !


  4. Hi yeoman. I know someone who has the same problem with the same watch. Are you claiming warranty for this from Seiko? How did you go about it and what’s their reply? Seiko should address this problem.


  5. Thats a great looking Diver in black out colour , only i still prefer the 015 with metal bracelet .
    Enjoy your new Golgo 023 , nice piece .


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