Photo Review: Casio G-Shock Frogman – GF-8250ER-2JF

I got interested in G-Shocks recently and picked up a Frogman from a local Casio dealer. I am mainly interested in the bigger models such as Frogman, Mudman and the GD100. This particular Frogman belongs to the “Men in Military Colours” series.

Here’s a quick photo review.

8 thoughts on “Photo Review: Casio G-Shock Frogman – GF-8250ER-2JF

    • Hi Tc,

      Got it from Wins Watch at Bencoolen. Unfortunately, my regular watch suppliers like Big Time and K2 do not carry G-Shocks. H2 Hub Parkway has a small range.



  1. Hi Thomas. Thanks a lot for your fine, detailed photographs. A careful look today, has taught me something today. Inside the rubbery,plastic protective shell, there appears to be a stainless steel watch: a stainless steel screw on back, the stainless steel walls and lugs, and a stainless steel anterior bezel. I would really be curious to see what the watch looked like without the rubber protection.


  2. Killer Frogman Thomas. I’m saving up for a GWF1000 myself right now. Be careful though. Once you buy one Gshock, you’l want more. LOL

    Case in point as you mentioned…if you like them big. You’ll love the new Mudman G9300 series. As I type this waiting for my car to get it’s smog check, I have my GW9300 on. It’s been pushing out my diver’s and other Seikos for wrist time ever since I got ith 2 months ago 🙂 …Definitely BIG AND CHUNKY 😉


  3. I’ve been stalking G Shocks for a while mainly on Seiya’s site. I came close to getting one of the Men in Burning Red models. I liked the idea of a solar powered watch that was also syncing with radio time setting. I may still pick one up though. I guess I will have to try a few on and see how I like them for real. By the way, I really love your photographs here. What camera are you using?


    • Now that I have a G-Shock, I can tell you that they are very cool watches to wear. Try them them on and see for yourself.
      Glad that you like the photos. I am using a 10 years old Canon Powershot G5. The current model is G12 and G1X.


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