Photo Review: Seiko SBBN021 “Blue Ocean”

Seiko released a 7C46 Tuna Can with a blue shroud to as one of the commemorative watches for its 130th anniversary. Thanks to Jimbojeow, I was able to see this piece in person.

Here’s a quick photo review of the watch. Photos are taken using my smartphone camera.

Here are some more pictures of another example that I saw at Big Time.

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11 thoughts on “Photo Review: Seiko SBBN021 “Blue Ocean”

  1. beautiful piece!

    Also, i’d like to ask you something: can you check your colection to see how many of your watches align (almost) perfectly the hands with the markers on the dial? Today i felt like most of the swiss mades dissapointed me, because on so many famous and expensive brands the seconds hands were not aligned with the seconds markerd. And this quite disturbed me, because though i am rather an admirer of japanese/asiatic watchmaking, i also consider that ”swiss made” should stand for something. And i should mention that i had the chance to compare with a few casio and citizen pieces, and they did much better on this. No seikos, though, and the 5 that i have moves in shorter steps, you know it.


    • Hi 1singur,

      Most of the watches I have run on automatic movement. The only quartz I have is the SBBN015 and the second hand aligns perfectly to the hour markers. I can’t say the same for all Seiko watches but if should be fine if you get the higher end ones.

      Best regards,


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  6. Very nice in term of the colour where to match for the application, as scuba driver, however the “blue” colour I’m not sure would be remove once being stretches or hit from the external force, can someone advice, I’m looking to get one unit, I’m from Malaysia, my mobile number:- 6019-9320355


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