Orient Sub – CER00008D0 and 2ER00002D0

Left: 2ER00002D0, right: CER00008D0

This time round I had the opportunity to handle a pair of Orient Subs shown in the picture above. The watch on the left is the older model (2ER00002D0) and has been released for quite some time. The watch on the right is a newer model that is installed with Sapphire crystal. Its model number CER00008D0.


Both watches have exactly the same case size and that is:

Diameter: 39mm excluding crown
Lug width: 20mm
Thickness: 11.5mm


The main difference between the two models besides the sapphire crystal would the printing on the dial.



The Sapphire model has the Orient logo and the Sapphire symbol added to the dial. The “21 Jewels” inscription has been omitted and the water resistant rating is shown as “100m” instead of “10BAR” as seen on the non-sapphire model.

The layout of the of the caseback inscriptions is also slightly different as shown in the pictures below.



Besides the above, everything else is the same so I’ll put up a few quick shots to show you the watch.

Below is the side profile of the watch. The crown screws in but is not signed.

Oyster style solid link bracelet. 20mm tapered to 18mm at the buckle.

When purchasing the watch, you need to check that the bezel rotates well and does not wobble too much. Also, check that the lume pip is located at the center of the inverted triangle. This specimen that I received has a lume pip that is not centered (see picture below).

Also, I have seen another version of the watch on the Internet with a different minute hand. The lumed part seems to be significantly shorter and does not reach the end of the minute hand. The picture below is an example of what I saw on the Internet. I’m not sure if this is an authentic watch. It could be a batch with faulty lume. So remember to check out the minute hand when purchasing.

Picture by:  lparadowski of http://zegarkiclub.pl


Orient Subs featured in this post are provided by:

Authorized Orient Distributor in Singapore

483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555
Tel: 6273 3355 Fax: 6278 8929

16 thoughts on “Orient Sub – CER00008D0 and 2ER00002D0

  1. i bought a Orient CER00007B0? it is the black version of this CER00008D0…
    how do i recognized if this is a sapphire glass or a mineral crystal…???


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  4. How does the movement of the 2ER00002D0 compare to other orient watches ? In particular, compared to the Mako. Is the blue face any different , or the same?


  5. That’s good to hear, thanks. I ordered the one with the sapphire crystal (the CER0008) and I have been worrying that I got a model with perhaps an inferior movement considering that it’s only rated 100m. I just like the simplicity of it better (I don’t like the look of the extra pusher). I hope that that beautiful blue finish is the same as all the other Orients.
    thanks again,


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