Another recent addition – Seiko SRP031

Some reshuffling took place in my collection recently. I sold some of my 7Sxx watches and got in some recent local market releases from Seiko and Orient. The Orient 300m diver and the Seiko 5 Military have been posted and this time round, I would like to share with you this recent 4R15 release. The model number is SRP031.


The 4R movement is believed to be a 7S26B with an extra jewel and a spring that provides over 50 hours of power reserve. There are two 4R variants namely 4R16 with day and date display and 4R15 with date display only.

I have tested the power reserve of a 4R16 (with day and date) movement and found it to be 53 hours and 48 minutes. Here is my previous posting with the test results.!3318BA07329CD633!1670.entry

So far, Seiko has released three 4R based watches and I have handled all three of them. My impression of these watches is that they are very well made and have better finishing than their 7S counterparts.

Prior to purchasing the watch, I saw the stock photo on the catalog and it didn’t really interest me at that time. However, when I saw the actual watch and held it in my hand, I was convinced to purchase it. These three factors have contributed to my purchase decision:

  • It is a style that Seiko hardly offer.
  • The size of the watch (47mm across including crown) is just right and Seiko hardly offer anything of this size besides the divers.
  • It comes with a very unique strap. Strap usually do not make me want to buy a watch but this one did.

Those who have seen big watches made by Seiko know that it is the oversized minute chapter ring that makes the watch big. The dial is actually the same size as those found in the regular Seiko 5’s. This watch uses the same concept except its big chapter ring is not that noticeable because it is not beveled like the other models. The black colour also helps to hide it very well and overall, the watch looks as if it has a big dial.

Here is an example of a Seiko watch with a big and obvious minute chapter ring.


Below is the side profile of the watch and as you can see, the lugs curve downward so that the watch can sit nicely on the wrist. This is not new but it is particularly important for a big watch like this one and I am glad the designer has thought of it.

Another thing I want to say about this watch is the plastic crown guard. I think it can be omitted. The crown is quite small the presence of the crown guard only makes it harder to screw in (watch has screw in crown). They should get rid of the plastic and put a bigger crown there.

The watch comes with a very nice strap and if it can be purchased separately, I’ll definitely look into getting one or two for my other Seiko watches. Strap is 22mm and tapers to 20mm at the buckle. I think it will go very well with the Seiko 5 Military above.

I’ll just let these pictures do the talking for the strap.

Besides this model, the other two 4R based watches are shown below. I’m sure more of these 4R watches will be released in near future but if you plan to own one now, the SRP031 (or its variants) will be a better choice IMO.

29 thoughts on “Another recent addition – Seiko SRP031

  1. Oh, they look ‘Grand’ ! …sort of speak , the enhanced min-ch. ring does its part as a BigBoy ! Looks great ! too bad it’s hard to get hands-on one over here… in RO.


    • Hi altauprieten,

      Thanks. This watch an international model and I suppose it is not difficult to get one. Try the usual suspects on the Internet.

      Best regards,


  2. Hello!

    Do you know what the difference between SRP031 and SRP027 is? This is a 027: http://

    Is it just the bracelet?



    • Hi,

      Besides the bracelet, the bezel is also different. The bezel on the SRP027 is ion coated(black) whereas that on the SRP031 is not.

      – Thomas


    • Hi Brian,

      It is quite difficult to find this watch these days. Have you tried the shops at the Bencoolen? City Chain and have them as well.

      Best regards,


  3. hi thomas,

    will have a lookout at those shop u recommended. mean while, if u spot one, please let me know. tks for all the info mate.




  4. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks you for the very informative reviews of Seiko watches.

    In your review of the Seiko SRP031(4R15 cal) dated 11th April 2009, do you have the model number of the last watch shown at the end of the review? The one that has the seemingly blue facedial…



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  8. Hi Yeoman,
    I recently scratched the glass on my SRP031. Can you please tell me the size of the glass on it. And maybe also where I can buy a replacement.

    Thanks a Lot.


    • Hi Pery,

      Unfortunately, I do not have the size info of this watch. Send it to the Seiko service centre in you country to get a replacement or bring it to a watchmaker who would measure it.

      Best regards,


  9. Hi Thomas,

    Do you happen to know if the black leather strap (in your photos above) on the SRP031 is available separately? If so, model #, etc.? It’s very cool!



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