Seiko Mechanical – SARG005

Seiko has discontinued a number of 6R15 models and at the same time released a couple of new models using the same movement. This time round, I had the opportunity to handle a recent model from the Mechanical line. This model, SARG005 is powered by the 6R15 movement and looks very much like the 6R15 Alpinist model due to its case shape, inner compass bezel and crown at the 4 o’clock position.
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Seiko Mechanical – SARC019

Here’s a JDM Seiko that I had the opportunity to handle recently. It comes under the Mechanical line and is powered by the 6R21 movement. The salient features of this watch are:

1. Enamel dial
2. 28,800bph movement
3. Power reserve indicator
4. Hack and handwind
5. Crystal with “legs”

Here’s a quick photo review.
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Photo Review of the Seiko Mechanical – SARB072

This case design was first introduced in the Spirit line and subsequently brought over to the Mechanical line. There are quite a number of variants under the Spirit line including some with Arabic hour markers.

Under the Mechanical line, it has even more variants including the RGB colour models as well as a pink gold and a black out variant.

Here’s a photo review of the pink gold variant – SARB072.
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Seiko Cocktail Time – SARB065

The Seiko Cocktail Time is a collaboration project between Seiko and Japan’s top bartender, Mr. Ishigaki Shinobu. The three models in this series were designed based on the original cocktails of Ishigaki Shinobu, and they are the “Cool” SARB065, the “Dry” SARB066 as well as the “Sweet” SARB068 which is limited to 300 pieces.

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle the cool SARB065.
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6R15 Mechanical – SARB045

Recently, a couple of early and popular 6R15 models from the Spirit line were discontinued and some people are rushing to buy them because they were much lower in price compared to the current models.

This time round, I had the opportunity to look at the blue dialed SARB045, one of the more expensive 6R15 models to find out what makes it cost more.
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Watch Photo: New shoes for the Alpinist SARB013

The other day while drinking coffee with the watchmaker at his shop, his watch strap supplier showed up to take orders. His sample straps are placed in large strap holders that look like photo albums. While looking through the samples, I saw these rugged strap with big stitches. So, I asked the watchmaker to order some and I got a brown one for my Alpinist which is the first watch in my collection to come to my mind when I saw the straps.

The strap compliments the Alpinist very well and I decided to create a picture of it.
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Watch handling: Seiko Alpinist SARB063

I had the opportunity to handle the new Seiko Alpinist (SARB063) recently. This watch uses the same case as the SKX007, 009, 011 and other color variants, collectively known as the SKX divers. The Alpinist is powered by the 6R15 movement whereas the SKX divers are powered by the 7S26 movement. Below are some quick photos showing the features of the watch.

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