Cellphone Shots of the Seiko SBDX016


Saw the limited edition edition SBDX016 at Big Time yesterday, This watch is limited to 700 pieces and is produced as a commemorative watch for the 50th Anniversary of Seiko divers.

This watch has a rose gold shroud with polished finishing. Not sure how scratch resistance is this but the seller has to put a plastic wrapper around it to prevent it from getting scratched.

Here are some quick cellphone shots.
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Seiko Prospex Special Edition – SUN043P


This year is the 50th Anniversary of Seiko divers and it is probably the year that Seiko released the most number of new divers. Here’s one that is very popular these days – the SUN043P. Popular due to its white dial which is not a common dial colour in Seiko divers, past and present.

This watch has a stainless steel case with gold accent on its crown, pusher and caseback. The minute hand is gold coloured as well. Here are a couple of cellphone shots I took at K2.

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Seiko SBEX001 – Thong Sia Stock


Besides the SBDX014, I also handled the SBEX001, and likewise, this piece is from the local distributor, Thong Sia. This is a big and thick watch. If your wrist is small, it is better to stay with the SBDX001. It is made of titanium so it’s pretty light for its size.

The watch is from K2 and here are some cellphone pictures that I took.
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Seiko SBDX014 – Thong Sia Stock


Had the opportunity to handle the Seiko SBDX014 thanks to my friend, K2. This piece is from the distributor, Thong Sia Singapore.

The SBDX014 is definitely on my list of watch to purchase. However, it is not a limited edition model hence I should be able to wait till year end for my purchase.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the watch.
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Seiko Divers 50th Anniversary – SRP653K


Managed to pick up this special edition Seiko SRP653K, a commemorative watch for the 50th Anniversary of Seiko divers. The first Seiko diver, the 6217-8000 was released in 1965 and since then, Seiko has released many iconic divers based on the latest watchmaking technologies that were available through the years. Many of these divers are “world first” so to speak.

This special edition diver pays tribute to the shrouded divers, a design that is unique to Seiko. Here is a quick photo review.
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