Watch Purchase: SBBN017

I added a SBBN017 to my collection recently. I normally buy automatic watches but the Seiko Tuna Cans are very hard to resist. One thing about quartz watches is that they are very convenient to use. Unlike automatic watches, I don’t have to set the time on quartz watches when I want to wear them.
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Seiko Prospex Field Watch – SBDY003

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle a recently released Seiko Prospex model that was designed to be a “field watch”. This watch is powered by the new 4R35 movement which comes with stop second and hand wind features. The special thing about this watch is that it is equipped with a magnifying glass that can be flipped open.

Let’s take a look.
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Orient 300m CFD0C001B and Seiko 200m SBDC001

Seiko SBDC001 and Orient CFD0C001B

The Orient 300m diver is often compared to the Seiko 200m SBDC001 (aka Sumo) because both watches have similar case diameter and are of similar style. The Orient has a list price of JPY150,000 in Japan while the Sumo is only JPY60,000 (both prices exclude tax).

For a real life divers, there is no comparison. The Orient 300m is a professional diver that is designed to handle saturation diving while the Sumo is only good for scuba diving.

For the rest of us, we compare their physical attributes to decide which one we prefer. If you are choosing between the Orient and Seiko, here is a quick comparison for your reference.

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