Cellphone Shots of the Seiko Prospex Diver – SRP587K


This one was released a while ago but I only saw it in the metal today. The unique thing about it is the thickened section on the bezel from 0 to 20 seconds. This watch has the wide, “tuna style” hour and minute hands, and is powered by the 4R36 movement.

Here are some quick cellphone shots.
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3rd Orient Bambino Variant – ER2400LD


Orient has released a 3rd Bambino variant. This model features long and slim hour markers with slim hour and minute hands. It still has that classic look and somewhat reminds me of the Max Bill by Junghans.

On this watch, the hour markers at 3,6,9 and 12 o’clock are applied while the rest are printed directly onto the dial. Other things to note are:

1. It has the same crown as the original Bambino (no longer onion shaped).
2. leather strap without grain.

Here are some pictures of the watch.
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New Orient Watches at Big Time – 27th Dec 2014


Made a trip to Big Time today and saw some interesting Orient watches including the 2014 OrientXSTI, new Bambino variants, new quartz Bambino variants as well as new Orient Star models.

Shown above is the 2014 OrientXSTI model, EL07003D. This model is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide. It is now available at Big Time.

Here are the other models.
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New Seiko Prospex 200m Diver – SRP637K


Here are some proper pictures of the new Seiko Prospex 200m diver, SRP637K. This is definitely a nicer looking and wearable 7S or 4R based 200m diver that Seiko made in recent years. I mean the Baby Tuna is nice but the plastic shroud won’t last long. The Stargate is nice too but the lume pip tend to fall off. The Monster with fangs is nice but it’s too small for today’s standard. Let’s hope there’s no problem with this one.

Here are the pictures.
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New Seiko 200m Shrouded Divers – SRP639K and SRP641K


Saw the new Seiko 200m shrouded divers at K2. They are similar to the Baby Tuna (or Sardine as they call it) model that was discontinued a while ago. The main difference besides the hands is the metal shroud which I think is much better than the plastic one.

I saw three variants and here are some quick and dirty cellphone pictures of two of them – SRP639K and SRP641K. The third model, SRP637K will be in my next post.
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Orient Multi-year Calendar – EU0A003W


Had the opportunity to handle this Orient Multi-year Calendar watch (model number EU0A003W). Multi-year Calendar is one of Orient’s signature watch model and most of these watches are quite big. This model however is close to a dress watch size at diameter of 41.5mm excluding crown. It also has the dress watch type of case, markers and hands design.

Here are some pictures of the EU0A003W.
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