Seiko Shrouded Prospex Solar Chronograph Fieldmaster – SBDL021


Seiko released a number of shrouded Prospex watches recently (Kinetic diver, chronograph and 4R36 diver). Here is a one that I did not post pictures here when it was released several months ago. I remember three variants were released of which two were limited editions. This is the regular edition which is still in production.

It is powered by the V175 solar chronograph movement. This is the same movement found in the popular solar chronograph diver (SSC017).

Here are some quick pictures of the watch:
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Seiko SARG017


Seiko’s SARG series has been quite well received by Seiko fans. I personally own the SARG007 and SARG009. Here’s the latest in the SARG series, the SARG017.

The design of this model reminds me of the Sports 150 watches that Seiko made during the “SQ” era. This watches usually have bezel with slim insert, slim hour markers and hands.

Here are two examples I found from my own site.
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Thailand Limited Edition Sumo – SPB029J


Saw this Thailand Limited Edition Sumo at Big Time yesterday. This is not the first LE Sumo from Thailand but it is the first one that I saw in the metal.

This is basically a Sumo with a different colour scheme and a cyclops on the crystal. It is limited to 1965 pieces.

Here are some quick shots and quick notes of the watch.
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Seiko Brightz – SDGM001


Here’s a Seiko Brightz SDGM001 that I picked up recently. This is probably the first Brightz model that comes with a 6R15 movement. In the past, automatic Brightz (non-chronograph) models came with the 8L and 4S movements. Of course, this one is offered at a lower price point.

The SDGM001 features the Seiko Comfotex technology which include special treatment to the case and crystal of the watch.
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Cellphone Shots of the 2014 Orient X STI – EL07003D


Here are some cellphone shots of the 2014 Orient X STI, EL07003D. This model was launched just before the end of 2014. I saw the freight forwarder delivered cartons of this watch to Big Time that Saturday afternoon.

Unlike past STI models, this model does not have the usual carbon fibre dial but instead it has a very eye catching blue dial.

The EL07003D is based on the 2014 version of M-Force diver. I also notice that there is no STI model in 2013. As such, there isn’t a STI model based on the 2013 titanium M-Force diver.

A link to my review of the 2014 M-Force diver is provided at the end of this post. Meanwhile, here are my cellphone shots.
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Cellphone Shots of the Seiko Prospex Diver – SRP587K


This one was released a while ago but I only saw it in the metal today. The unique thing about it is the thickened section on the bezel from 0 to 20 seconds. This watch has the wide, “tuna style” hour and minute hands, and is powered by the 4R36 movement.

Here are some quick cellphone shots.
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3rd Orient Bambino Variant – ER2400LD


Orient has released a 3rd Bambino variant. This model features long and slim hour markers with slim hour and minute hands. It still has that classic look and somewhat reminds me of the Max Bill by Junghans.

On this watch, the hour markers at 3,6,9 and 12 o’clock are applied while the rest are printed directly onto the dial. Other things to note are:

1. It has the same crown as the original Bambino (no longer onion shaped).
2. leather strap without grain.

Here are some pictures of the watch.
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