Watches I Saw – Orient Star Handwind

Saw the Orient Star handwind models at Big Time recently. There aren’t many handwind watches from Japanese watch companies but fortunately Orient makes a number of them to satisfy fans of such watches. Besides this model, the other Orient handwind watches I can think of are:

- 60th Anniversary model
- Classic Skeleton
- Subaru 360 classic
- pocketwatch
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Seiko Mini Snow Monster – SRP481K

The Seiko Monster is no doubt a signature design by Seiko. It started off as a 200m rated diver released in the early 2000s. Due to its popularity, several limited edition as well as JDM models were introduced. In recent years, they are powered by the 4R movement. Besides the 200m diver, Seiko also make several Seiko 5 models that have the monster look. Two nice models that they released recently are the fieldmonster (SRP441) and the mini monster (SRP481K) shown above.
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Orient Star Retrograde Differences

Recently, I had the opportunity to handle several JDM Orient Star models because Big Time started carrying them. Apart from those I already own, the Retrograde model is one that I am most interested in.
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Watches I Saw – Seiko Presage and Orient Star

Here are some JDM Seiko and Orient watches I saw at Big Time on 15th Feb 2014 (Saturday). Shown above is the Seiko Presage SARW011. Those who missed the 100th years of watchmaking limited edition SARW005 may want to consider this piece. It is powered by the 6R27 movement.
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SOMES X Orient Star Semi-skeleton – DK02002F

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle the international edition Orient Star SOMES (DK02002F). There are three colour variants of this model available in the Japanese market but only two were made available in the international market. The other variant besides the green one shown above would be the black dialled (DK02001B)
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Watches I Saw – Orient Stars at Big Time

The new Orient Star Somes Semi Skeleton is now an international model and made available in Singapore via the distributor, Big Time. Shown above is the black dialed DK02001B and below is the green dialed DK02002F.
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Seiko Presage – SARX015

Here is a recent Japan domestic Presage model that I handled. This model is powered by the 6R15 movement and comes in black and whte dial variants.

Many Seiko watches out there are considered poor man’s Grand Seiko but I think this model is really the true PMGS. Here are my reasoning:
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