Orient Star Open Heart Tonneau – DAAA002T


This time round I had the chance to look at the Orient Star Open Heart Tonneau, model number DAAA002T. This model is available in both the Japanese and the international market. It’s model number in Japan is WZ0131DA. Main features of this watch besides the open heart and tonneau shaped case are power reserve indicator, display back and sapphire crystal (front) with anti-reflective coating.

Here’s a quick pictorial review:
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Orient M-Force 2014 Model – EL07002B


The M-Force name was revived in 2011 and since then, a 200m M-Force diver is released each year without fail. This time round, I managed to take a look at the 4th M-Force model, the black dial EL07002B. This watch is also the biggest model in terms of size compared to the previous models. Every M-Force diver is compliant with three ISO standards namely ISO 6425 diver’s watches, ISO 764 anti-magnetic watches and ISO 1413 shock-resistant watches.

Here’s a quick look at the EL07002B.
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Orient WZ0031DD – Subaru 360 55th Anniversary


This time round I had the opportunity to handle the Orient Star WZ0031DD. This watch is a collaboration between Orient and Subaru for the 55th Anniversary of the Subaru 360, a two-door car that was marketed in 1958.

Below is a picture of the 1958 Subaru 360.
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Orient ladies’ Watch – Once in a Blue Moon DB0A009D


I rarely feature ladies’ watches here as most of the readers here are guys. This is really a “once in a blue moon” post and the watch being featured here is none other than the Orient “Once in a Blue Moon” (model# DB0A009D) from the ladies’ Fashionable Automatic collection.

Blue moon is the second full moon in a single calendar month. The moon repeats its lunar cycle in roughly 29.5 days and hence a blue moon can only be seen in every two to three years. It is a rare mystical phenomenon and legend has it that seeing a blue moon will bring good luck and fortune.

This watch is therefore designed with the hope of bringing good luck to its owner.
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Orient Three Star Automatic – FEM7P00DD9

Here is the latest model in the Orient 3-Star automatic series. The 3-Star automatic is an entry level model and due to the large number of models and variants, you are unlikely to see the full catalog on the Internet. Traditionally, they range from 34mm to 38mm in diameter (except for the vintage Crystal models). The latest models however are much larger. This particular model measures 43mm across excluding crown.

Here is a quick photo review.
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Orient Classic Automatic – ES00003W

If you follow orient-watch.com, you will notice a new Orient Classic Automatic model being announced on 28th March. In this post, I will share with you pictures of the silver dial variant, ES00003W.

This model has a date window above the 6 o’clock marker and a day sub-dial at the 3 o’clock position. The movement comes with quickset date only. To set the day, you need to turn the hour hand back and forth between 12.00 and 1.00 until the indicator hand is pointing to the desired day.

Here are some photos of the ES00003W.
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Orient Star Handwind – WZ0011DD

Managed to get hold of the Orient Star handwind model, WZ0011DD and took some real life pictures. This is a classic style watch that is designed for those who like simple looking watches. The case, dial and hands are very nicely finished as you would expect of an Orient Star watch. The watch comes with power reserve indicator which I feel very useful. It tells you when you need to wind the watch and when you can stop winding.

Below are pictures showing the watch from various angles.
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