Photos of Seiko Kinetic – SMY141P1

I posted the black military style Seiko Kinetic (SMY143P) in my previous blog entry. The 5M83 kinetic movement has a power reserve of approximately six months when fully charged. I believe you can consider it a grab and go watch since it will most likely have enough power reserve to last through the unused period.

This watch works well with different straps. It comes with a two-piece nylon strap but will also look good on rubber/silicon, leather and nato straps.

Here are some picture of the green dial variant – SMY141P.
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Seiko Kinetic – SMY143P1

Besides Spring Drive, solar and mechanical watches, kinetic watches are also one of Seiko’s clean energy watches. In a Kinetic watch, electricity is stored in a self-recharging battery that does not need frequent replacement like the conventional battery in quartz watches.

This time round, I had the opportunity to handle a Seiko military style watch, SMY143P that is powered by the newer 5M83 Kinetic movement. Seiko releases military style watches with their Kinetic movement from time to time and this model is one of their latest.

Here is a quick photo review.
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Limited Edition Seiko 5 – SRP509J

Seiko released a pair of limited edition Seiko 5′s recently. They are SRP507 and SRP509. This pair features black with red and black with yellow colour combinations respectively. They come with rotating bezel and are powered by the 4R36 movement. The bezel is made using a combination of steel and plastic.

It is not known how many pieces were produced for each model as they are not numbered in the “001/XXX” format.

Here are a few quick shots of the SRP509J.
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Seiko Stargate II – SRP493K

Finally had the opportunity to take a look at the 4R36 Seiko Stargate. Seiko released the 7S36 models in 2010 and this time round they updated the watch with the current 4R36 movement, giving it the hack and handwind features. There are several colour variants but the blue dial version is the nicest in my opinion.
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Orient Star Handwind – WZ0011DD

Managed to get hold of the Orient Star handwind model, WZ0011DD and took some real life pictures. This is a classic style watch that is designed for those who like simple looking watches. The case, dial and hands are very nicely finished as you would expect of an Orient Star watch. The watch comes with power reserve indicator which I feel very useful. It tells you when you need to wind the watch and when you can stop winding.

Below are pictures showing the watch from various angles.
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Pictorial Review: Orient Star WZ0031JC

Another Orient Star that I handled recently is the WZ0031JC. This is a Japan domestic model that is made available at Big Time (Sims Ave). This watch comes with an inner rotating world time bezel as well as Orient’s trademark power reserve feature.

Before going to the pictures, here is the crown operation as observed by me.

When you pull the crown to its first click position, you can set the date by turning it towards you (anti-clockwise). You can also set the inner world time bezel by turning it in the opposite direction (clockwise). Crown at the second click position lets you set the time. Note that as you set the time, the inner world time bezel will rotate accordingly. Crown at pushed in position allows you to handwind the watch.

Here are some pictures that show the salient features of the watch.
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